Criss Angel Performs A Literal Show Stopper!

Criss Angel was performing his routine upside down straight jacket escape when he lost consciousness. He was only 15 minutes into his show. Once he lost consciousness, he was immediately lowered to the stage. The show was shut down and Criss was rushed to the hospital to undergo an examination.

Criss Angel Performs A Literal Show Stopper!

While he is alive, he will be monitored for further damages. Several audience members wished him well from their social media accounts. Some stating that they were concerned for his safety. Some stating they did not appreciate rude comments made from other audience members.

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Unfortunately, due to this, Criss and his son Jonathon were unable to make it to a previous engagement for Make-A-Wish. However, a representative for his organization was sent to donate $100,000 to Make-A-Wish. Right now, I think we can all agree our wish is for a speedy recover for Criss Angel and peace for his family.

Written by Katie K.

” Always Reach for the stars… And if you can grab them-write about them!” ~Katie







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Photo one courtesy of dailymail and photo two courtesy of E! online

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