“Counting On”: Which Couple Loves to show PDA?!

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 "Counting On": Which Couple Loves to show PDA?!

As many of you know, two of the Duggar siblings – namely, Jill and her sister, Jessa have their own show – well, kind of. It’s a bit like a spin-off from their families reality TV series, “Counting On” – however, in this case, the name is very similar; “Jill and Jessa: Counting On” but the biggest news of all is that this show, which isn’t talked about much, has been picked up for another run – which, unfortunately isn’t very good news to many, and it’s also being frowned on by most everyone, including a slew of companies who advertise on this show.

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The network which airs both series, “TLC” sat down and had a “heart-to-heart” talk about certain issues – one of which involves a question about a married Duggar and his or her spouse, who apparently loves to kiss, hold hands and the whole “shebang” when out in public.

Duh! It’s a no-brainer as far as the Duggar family is concerned.

The married siblings in the family spoke right up and stated, of course it is Jill (Duggar) Dillard and her hubby, Derick.

 "Counting On": Which Couple Loves to show PDA?!


For some reason, their hands are like magnets when they are together – they can’t seem to help themselves.

Couples who have only been married for two years or less tend to be more “lovey-dovey’ – which could explain why they just had another baby, however, all of that love and affection might not continue for a while.

When young married couples have more than one child – and at such a young age, they each have baby duty, every day – therefore, it no longer allows them the luxury of stealing “butterfly” kisses and other affectionate role playing whenever they feel like it. Taking care of two babies, a toddler and an infant is double the trouble, as many moms would say but they wouldn’t trade a moment of it for anything. That’s what being parents is all about.

 "Counting On": Which Couple Loves to show PDA?!

(Also, both mom and dad tend to get wiped out by the end of the day, so when bed time comes and the children are fast asleep, that’s also when the parents get to rest).

In the Duggar family, rules are very important, especially when it comes time to begin dating – and, just a few things to go over, which is also the lay of the land within other families, such as the Duggar’s – and/or the various religious groups they belong to or follow.

Most importantly, the family strongly believes that their faith involves “purity culture,” which causes some people, particularly ladies to become “tainted” by those who value and follow the rules of sexuality and who are not yet married.

Many people have their own opinions and views on sexuality – what’s “in” and what’s not, that’s how society is today, and our kids must learn how to properly take care of the opposite sex – something that is very laxed in our world today and sadly, many learning institutions no longer teach kids, what used to be called “sexual education” seems to have gone out the window eons ago – therefore, many fathers are taking it upon themselves to protect their young teenage daughters from being coerced into having sex by either a boyfriend or a casual acquaintance.

Yuck! We don’t even like to think about our dads trying to protect us from such things – young teens today find that subject personal and something that their dad should never discuss with them or any potential suitors.

Oh, and that’s not all.

Why, of course there’s more, especially when it’s this bad.

Rules about dating, which the Duggar’s have instilled upon their teen children and have set the stage for their future, compliments of the human body and how we evolved, just causes further aggravation for kids while they are growing up and learning about the many phases of sexual aggravation. It’s called “the point of no return” – if you know what we mean.

(Let’s not forget, Jim Bob and Michelle’s religion strictly prohibits any masturbation by any of their kids, and, if they are caught in the act, a severe punishment falls upon that child, so basically there is no relief or escape, meaning they just can’t turn off their feelings of sexuality)

And, exactly what happens with all of that built up sexual tension?!

Sadly, the teen kids are taught to begin dating at an early age so they can begin a long lasting relationship, become man and wife and start having them babies as their parents did when they first got married, leading the wife to believe that she must do what she is told.

In the “real” world, mothers and fathers want the very best for their kids, which includes letting them live their own life and making adult decisions.

Within the Duggar family, just the thought of that idea is terrifying.

It’s almost as if Jim Bob pre-arranges his own children’s lives by marrying them off as quickly as he can and making sure they live the life that he taught them – not the “real” world, but the Duggar way of life. They are all taught to live a life of values that were instilled upon them at a young age – if you think about it, these kids are home schooled and God only knows what they are learning.

Take for example, Joy-Anna. She’s only 19 years old and just married a child hood friend whom she has known for over 15 years – that means she and Austin met when Joy-Anna was only 4 years old. The Duggar parents have made up their own rules about dating, which explains why their kids marry at a very young age and then have babies of their own.

Those people who end up in a solitude state when it comes to their own sexuality, will, eventually become super anxious when the time comes (and perhaps even more lost than ever before).

No one within the Duggar clan is shocked or amazed that neither Jill and/or her hubby, Derick are able to stop touching one another.

 "Counting On": Which Couple Loves to show PDA?!

(Come on now, let’s be real here, there was no need for any of the other Duggar siblings to point fingers about this happily married couple; it’s only obvious as seen in photos of Jill and Derick, as they are always kissing each other and their fans know it)

Yeah, yeah, yeah – it’s so darn cute to see how in love this couple is, but it’s also very sad.

Do you ever sometimes wonder why kind of life the Duggar siblings might have had, if their parents didn’t run their lives – – not to mention what could have been different, if they had only gone to normal schools, had normal friends and grew up in a somewhat normal family, instead of a compound where so many people -all family, we hope, live together – it’s a bit too late for most of them as the only life they have known is being told what to do and how to do it by mom and dad, instead of going out into the real world, finding their own true love and moving far away from the wacky parents that raised them.

We constantly ask ourselves, if only they had each found that missing “ruby” red slipper – there would never have been a Cinderella and wicked step-mom – and that, my friends is the way the Duggar family lives. In a fantasy land!

Written by Renee Barbee

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1 thought on ““Counting On”: Which Couple Loves to show PDA?!

    Eloise Blackburn

    (July 30, 2017 - 11:52 am)

    Yeah, could you imagine what their lives could have been like if they did not have the guidance of their parents? If they went to public schools where kissing an touching are allowed in hallways,and condoms can be seen laying in the hallway floors? Is it really so bad that there parents want their kids to treasure their bodies and not do something to ruin a precious moment in their life that you should save for marriage? When these kids turn of age,do you think they would stay if they did not want to? Just my opinions,but this world has become so lenient that we have 12 year olds,even younger,having babies,when they should be doing what normal young kids do. I’m sorry,it may be a “stricter” way of life,but I don’t see anything wrong with it. They are choosing to raise their children according to their religion,which last I knew,was a priviledge that we all had. Just because we don’t agree with it means it is wrong. I think it beats what is going on in other households this day and age!

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