“Counting On” Update: Jill Finally Posts First Selfie Since Giving Birth…Fans Get Upset

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"Counting On" Update: Jill Finally Posts First Selfie Since Giving Birth...Fans Get Upset

OMG! All of the constant posts asking about Jill and her health situation has finally come to an end. Halleluiah. Nearly a month since she had her second baby – albeit a C-section, just like her first child, Israel, Jill finally gave in and posted what her fans and followers have been waiting to see. Jill (Duggar) Dillard snapped one very special selfie once she had left the hospital. If y’all are a follower of Jill on Instagram, you can see her most recent picture, which she uploaded and posted, of hubby, Derick, and, of course, Jill herself, showing both of them with pizza from “Domino’s” which they somehow managed to get for free – all while they were in their car. Yuck! Who eats messy and sometimes greasy pizza in their car?! OK, we understand that they love their “free” food, however, in your car isn’t exactly the place that I would choose but whatever. Then, after Jill turned off the radio, there was a very long period of no sound whatsoever, but all of a sudden, Jill began telling everyone about her episode of giving birth to her second baby, whose name is “Samuel” which also brought a flurry of questions and speculations to an end.

"Counting On" Update: Jill Finally Posts First Selfie Since Giving Birth...Fans Get Upset

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Well, so far, it appears that Jill is recovering nicely, as we can see from the photo she posted to her Instagram site just this past week, maybe she looks just a tad bit tired in her face. At least she’s on the mend – and, from the looks of it, she appears much happier, now that the stress of her birth is over with. Hmm, something is a bit off here – comparing this most recent picture with baby Samuel’s first baby pick after Jill gave birth sure looks quite odd – in the one pic she looks completely wiped out and pale looking, as if she has just been through the most horrific ordeal of her life – then in this most recent pic of her and Derick in their car eating pizza, it sure tells a different story. Fans never saw but one photo after Jill gave birth by C-Section, which was placed in his first ever baby album. The issue here is that Jill Duggar looks basically the same in both photos, however, she stopped posting for nearly two weeks after Samuel was born and really causing a lot of concern with her fans – all 1.6 million people who follow Jill on her social media site and, as we all know Jill, it’s a never ending cycle of picture posting, comments and updating her fans regarding every single thing that she does in life.

Speaking of which – that photo that Jill posted sometime last week must have set social media on fire – as fans quickly saw the post and started making comments regarding the reality star who kind of kept them all in the dark for nearly two weeks after she gave birth and boy oh boy, did her fans and followers bark up a fire storm about this country gal who has made a name for herself on the Duggar families reality show “Counting On” and many view them as being super conservative in a huge way. After only three short hours once the photo of Jill and Derick eating pizza in their car was posted, she may have broken a new record, as over 30,000 fans liked the picture and over one hundred, yep, that’s right (100) comments were also posted on Jill’s Instagram site – unbelievable!

Enjoying some @dominos for a #datenight dinner Thank you #mandywilliams for the #giftcard #pizzarewards

A post shared by Jill Dillard (@jillmdillard) on

Even Jill’s diehard fans and followers who see her posts and comment on social media have said that for once in a very long time, she finally appears to look good and wholesome again. And several took the time to comment on Jill’s post, stating that having what Jill refers to as an “in-car” date, parked somewhere during the evening hours, not to mention the complimentary “Domino’s Pizza” they were eating was a bit odd, however, they considered it a very special date and not made up, like the stories we all hear about; and, that they were able to have a “date-night” out, now that mom and dad have double baby duty on their hands.

“Good to see you, Jill!! You look great!! Have been concerned about you. Sending hugs and much love to you both!! <3,” posted one fan.

Even though this was Jill’s first ever and authentic selfie – at least two weeks after the baby was born, fans were very anxious to see the baby, and of course mom and dad, which also attracted a lot of very nice comments from the majority of those who follow Jill on her Instagram account – however, she also received some “not so nice” comments as well – there are always going to be someone who will criticize what and how she does things, but that’s the price Jill pays for being a reality star. You must take the good with the bad. Several had an issue with the couple enjoying their pizza inside of their car during an evening out. And, for some strange reason, others complained about Jill and Derick enjoying some pork with their pizza, which, by the way goes against their religion.
“In the car… that’s weird,” stated one fan.

“I thought they didn’t eat pork? Looks like pepperoni in there,” said another follower.

The title: “Life is Not All Pickles and Hairspray” which can be seen on the Facebook Duggar family fan site with News and updates, saw many followers who have their own accounts, that were quick to point the finger at Jill and Derick for trying to fake and act like everything is just fine and dandy, and, without any mention of the last three weeks and what took place before, during and after she gave birth. And, if you can believe this, a few fans went further than that – some said that Jill just posted a really old picture to sort of fool their fans – and thought they would be none the wiser.

“Why do the Duggar’s always post pictures like this and completely ignore the fact that there is something wrong?” as one fan posted.

“Are we sure this isn’t an old picture they are using to throw everyone off?” one more fan asked.

We all know and except some fans to criticize Jill by posting negative comments, but, as far as everyone else is concerned – including family and friends, they can finally sit back and relax. Even though it took Jill nearly a month to post a family picture and post it on her Instagram page, along with other social media sites and several secret comments, it seems like we have our old Jill back and doing what she does best, post her photos and keeping her fans and followers updated – and by that we mean all 1.6 million people who follow Jill and want to know everything she does in her life – that includes the good, bad and the ugly.

There you have it Duggar fans! Jill Duggar-Dillard has finally posted what y’all have been waiting for! Enjoy😊

Written by Renee Barbee

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