“Counting On”: Returns in June…What Can Fans Expect?!


It’s almost that time again for one more awesome new series of “Counting On” with episodes filled with Duggar issues and certain siblings who have either found new love or are getting ready to be married.


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The infamous reality TV show, “Counting On” is set to debut sometime in the month of June. It feels like ions ago when we last saw a new episode of the crazy and wacky Duggar clan, however, even though we haven’t seen them in SO long, its mainly due to the various events that have taken place after “Season” 3 came to an end – and fans haven’t seen their favorite Duggar’s in what seems like years. As we all know, most reality shows film weeks or perhaps months before any show is aired, however, fans and followers alike keep up on the Duggar’s to see what they are doing way before the new season even debuts on TV. Below, we have provided y’all with a preview of “coming attractions” for when Season number 4 begins airing.


Austin Forsyth proposes to Joy-Anna Duggar.


"Counting On": Returns in June...What Can Fans Expect?!



Although fans are aware that Austin proposed marriage to Joy-Ann and, of course, she said YES – this took place around March of this year, just after “Counting On’s” 3rd Season finale took place. Since that time, the newly engaged couple have been super busy preparing for Joy-Anna’s big day, which of course, is her wedding to Austin – not only that but rumors flying about the date of their marriage has caused fans to go wild on social media.


"Counting On": Returns in June...What Can Fans Expect?!


We have heard plenty of crazy rumors in the last several weeks – buzzing on the web and speculating about a wedding date being set for newly engaged Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth – but, we already know that the happy couple already had their “pre-wedding” parties, otherwise referred to as a bachelor bash for the guys and usually a bachelorette type of gig for the ladies, complete with a “Chippendale” show and all! And, this is what usually signifies that a wedding is about to take place within a month or two. Is Joy-Anna about to tie the knot during a holiday when most people go out of town for the weekend and keeping her “secret” date on the down low so no one finds out just like Jinger did with Jeremy?!


A male Duggar sibling, that being Joseph, began dating his new gal pal, Kendra Caldwell – that huge reveal came shortly after his sister, Joy-Anna became engaged. The “Hollywood Gossip” magazine has reported that Joseph is indeed hanging out with Kendra as a “couple” and are exclusive – their new love story will also be seen when the 4th season of “Counting On” returns.


"Counting On": Returns in June...What Can Fans Expect?!


It’s hard to believe that nearly 2 short years have gone by since one of the male siblings in the Duggar family has had a relationship, if ever! Well, sometimes not all goes well when a couple begins dating as was the case for Josiah and his new lady friend, Marjorie Jackson, however, there is a good possibility that Joseph Duggar and his new gal pal, Kendra will more than likely get married – perhaps sometime this year.


Jinger Duggar Not So Much.


Jinger and Jeremy’s wedding ceremony took place in November of last year – and, during Season 3 – fans were getting a bit tired of the same old thing repeatedly so why take the risk by airing the scenes one more time?! No one likes repeats – that’s why fans change the channel or turn it off and stop watching. In show biz, they try to avoid doing that for obvious reasons.


"Counting On": Returns in June...What Can Fans Expect?!


There is never a dull moment within the Duggar clan and they have been constantly on the move – one complete season of shows the fans have already seen was not fun at all.


Now, don’t you fret none – Jinge and her hubby, Jere will be on the show during the 4th Season, however, mainly to talk about their lives while living in Jeremy’s home town of Laredo, Texas and, so the two sisters can go over the details of Joy-Anna’s wedding.


And, of course, Jill and her hubby, Derick will be on the show, “Counting On” as well – which also will reveal details regarding the issue of flying back to El Salvador knowing Jill is pregnant and is expecting to give birth to their 2nd baby very soon. It appears that everyone in the Duggar clan are doing their best to make the right decisions for everyone involved. All the eldest kids in the Duggar family are getting married and having families of their own.


"Counting On": Returns in June...What Can Fans Expect?!


It sure looks like Jana might have finally met Mr. Right and has fallen in love.


"Counting On": Returns in June...What Can Fans Expect?!


This and more will be shown during the 4th Season of the Duggar’s reality TV show, “Counting On” – which debuts on Monday, the 12th of June, only on the TLC network.


Written by: Renee Barbee

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