“Counting On”: Outrageous Duggar Rumors Examined!

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OK, so what?! We all know that every famous person has found themselves in tabloid magazines, such as the “Enquirer” and others who make millions of bucks by publishing “fake news” and the Duggar’s’ are no exception – as they have had their fair share of criticism – whether it be “make-up” or wardrobe issues. Just some basic touch-ups, as most celebs do before they are about to go on camera and begin filming – one of the many reasons why they became famous as they are today.


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We all know how much the Duggar family loves their social media sites – and, well, what more can we say, sometimes what they post on Instagram or Facebook causes fans to spread wild accusations, which usually end up becoming bad rumors in Duggar Land.


Not one single celebrity has ever been immune to the amount of gossip and constant rumors that we all read about in the tabloids and that includes the Duggar’s -hearsay, speculation and the like usually gets the eyes rolling, as if to say: “OMG” now what?! However, there are those who truly believe that these so called “rumors” are actually real and valid.


Let’s take a quick look at some of the wackiest rumors regarding the Duggar’s and, believe it or not, no valid response stating yes or no has been verified, at least not right now.


Rumor 1: Joy-Anna Is Now Expecting


"Counting On": Outrageous Duggar Rumors Examined!


Yikes! What the hell?!


All sorts of crazy rumors have been circulating on the web stating that Joy-Anna and her new fiancé, Austin are expecting their very 1st baby…. well, let’s just say that IF this were true, the internet would be on fire, and why is that – because they are not yet man and wife.


Our Verdict is False. So, sorry folks, however, this rumor is completely inaccurate and we will not go there. Joy-Anna Duggar and her fiancé, Austin Forsyth are planning a wedding, as every married sibling in the Duggar family has done. They have no intentions of flying off to Vegas for a quickie wedding just to keep a rumor about her being pregnant a secret. Also, there is absolutely no doubt in our minds that Joy-Anna would even attempt to become pregnant and break one of daddy’s rules regarding her courtship with Austin. She is not the type of person that would say, “I don’t care” no way-no how!


Rumor 2: Josh Duggar a member of Gay Online Site


"Counting On": Outrageous Duggar Rumors Examined!


Oh boy! This one is a doozy. We all know that Josh has had his fair share of troubles in the last 2 years – and many of which has caused his family heart break to say the least, however, one particular rumor had us taking a 2nd and perhaps a 3rd look – regarding Josh creating his own profile account on a site called Grinder which is basically some type of app for men who are gay, however, once a certain picture was posted and shared via social media sites, alongside a very, um…..strange looking post, the controversy caused by Josh Duggar himself with someone’s cell phone, also included the so called gay app.


Our Verdict is Not True. Seriously! We all know that Josh Duggar is NOT gay……….at least we hope not.


Rumor 3: Anna Duggar Has Endured Domestic Abuse


"Counting On": Outrageous Duggar Rumors Examined!



Here we go again, fans began to once again assume that Anna Duggar was abused by her husband, Josh Duggar, shortly after this picture was shared by the Duggar family on their official Facebook site. For some strange reason, it’s obvious from the photo that Anna has “bruises” on one side of her face, which is enough proof to indicate that she was in severe danger during that time.


Our Verdict is Nada. Many fans and followers quickly took to social media and basically said that those strange marks, which appeared to look like bruises near the area of Ana’s eye were simply just a darkened blotch of make-up within a shadow and nothing more. Also, as well as we know Anna and the Duggar family, there is NO way that they would post a photo of her all beaten up for the entire world to see – – where else but on social media, and as we all know, there has been plenty of “ugly” news concerning both Anna and her hubby, Josh Duggar and the damage he has done to not only his family but the Duggar’s as well.


How could it be true?! What Josh did took place in 2016, and, let’s face it, the photo of him is from nearly 4 years ago, back in 2013.


Rumor 4: Amy Duggar Also Abused by Hubby


"Counting On": Outrageous Duggar Rumors Examined!


Whether you are a fan of “Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars”, or not, you must have found out that Amy was abused in a physical way however, it’s not what you think – the world believed that Dillon King, Amy’s husband abused her.


Our Verdict is Negative. But, Amy did confess that she really did have somewhat of a physical type of altercation with a certain person that she truly loves; however, this time around Amy said the person was not Dillon the man she is married to…. however, this person turned out to be her father. Say what?! Apparently, since Amy’s very disturbing admission, Ms. Duggar has tried her best to recant her so called confession by stating that whatever her father did do wasn’t very serious at all. Is she for real?! In that case……we are completely blown away.


Rumor 5: Jill and sister Jessa Have been spotted on Adult Site


"Counting On": Outrageous Duggar Rumors Examined!


Don’t believe everything you read on line as, Jill Duggar and her sister Jessa allegedly connected to some kind of adult kinky website how disgusting and completely absurd – – – why would anyone believe such a thing – reading such lies might just make someone gag or get very nauseous by reading a story like that.


Our Verdict is Valid. This rumor is not only super weird but apparently, it appears to be real, since what we found out is that a site on the web, which is specifically for people looking to become members of a “sex tool site for feet” which the ladies found on “Wikifeet” and OMG, certain photos of the siblings’ feet were posted and shown on that site last year and get this, they never gave any kind of approval to post those pics. (Disgusting!!)


Written by Renee Barbee

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