‘Counting On’ New Season Debut Recap: The Highly Anticipated Wedding of Joy-Anna

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'Counting On' New Season Debut Recap: The Highly Anticipated Wedding of Joy-Anna
Season debut of “Counting On” finally aired last night as their premiere event that fans and followers were anxiously waiting to see. Of course, as we all know, the Duggar families network, “TLC” is the ONLY place where you can view this crazy families adventures each Monday evening – wow, can you believe how busy the Duggar family is these days?!

In the last several months, we have read everything that the Duggar siblings have been doing in their life, including major events like weddings and the anticipation of 2 babies that will soon be born, (also, with plenty of Duggar family members involved in all kinds of huge events), it had to be very difficult for the producers to find just the right spot, however, rest assured they found the perfect place.

Joy-Anna Duggar married her longtime family friend, Austin Forsyth last month – even though it’s been less than 3 weeks since this happy couple got hitched in front of over 1,000 family, friends and other guests, the entire event was shown last night on the Season Premiere episode.

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Joy-Anna, is just a teenager herself, and, at the age of 19, she did admit to getting wedding jitters right before the ceremony, however, on last night’s season debut, all of those nerves seemed to have suddenly disappeared and those butterflies were no longer a bother to her.

Can you guess what Joy-Anna enjoyed most about her wedding ceremony to Austin?!

Well, allow us to put your mind at ease; she finally married the man of her dreams who has become her “one and only” whom she adores and loves so very much! “For Better or For Worse – till death do us part” that’s how Joy-Anna feels about her new hubby.

'Counting On' New Season Debut Recap: The Highly Anticipated Wedding of Joy-Anna

Let’s not forget about that special moment when the Duggar bride was finally able to smooch with her now hubby, for the very 1st time – as we all know, Jim Bob and Michelle, the bride’s parents have a very strict rule about “kissing” any guy their daughters date before they become a wife. Needless to say, the Duggar family lives in their own world. They are not your typical “normal” family.

That’s just one of the many reasons why their fans, followers and others love this crazy family, even though they are a bit odd – also, as one would expect, 19 year old Joy-Anna was all mushy when the cameras started rolling and she was trying her best to address their millions of fans who tuned in to see all the photos and glory of her awesome wedding day, along with her new husband.

“This is definitely the day that I’ve been waiting for a very long time. I can’t believe that it’s already here,” as Joy-Anna said straight into the TLC cameras.

A longtime friend of the family, Austin, who is a bit older than Joy-Anna at 23, repeated what his bride to be had said: “Today is the day that I have dreamed about and prayed about for pretty much as long as I can remember.”
“I’m just looking forward to getting to share my life, its good time and its challenges, with my best friend,” as Austin chimed in.

Needless to say this is one couple who is completely 100% loving, caring adorable and “MFEO” – in other words, they are made for each other.
“Saying our vows and saying ‘I do’ and committing our lives to each other is so incredible,” Joy-Anna stated. “I am so blessed to be married to him.”

It’s clear that this newly married couple should rent a fancy hotel room, however…..

Getting to the good stuff, right before the bride to be and the groom were prepared to make that nervous walk, very slowly to the altar on the biggest day of their lives, both Joy-Anna and her hubby to be, Austin kept running into each other several times – which, as we all know is highly unusual in a normal “wedding” ceremony.

Look at it this way, if you and your partner were not allowed to touch each other in any way until the day you become engaged, don’t you think it’s a bit extreme?! Not to the Duggar’s – their religious beliefs are very different than anyone we know of, and this family is about as unconventional as they come – however, as far as the Duggar’s are concerned, all is fine and good in their own world.

“Joy and I do things different,” Austin said. “We needed to talk about some things and pray together, so we threw tradition out the window.”

They did save their very 1st smooch for when they were declared husband and wife – which is very important to the Duggar’s.

Meaning, that special kiss was reserved for the day of their wedding – also, since they had known each other for nearly 20 years, you can imagine how excited they both were when that time came for them to share that special kiss.
“I think the first kiss was amazing,” as Austin stated later on with a flushed face.
“It was better than I ever thought it would be.”
Hey big fella – easy does it there partner, let’s take it nice and slow dude!

In other news, Joseph Duggar, who is just a few years younger than his sister, Joy-Anna, at 22, made sure that his sister’s big day would also be one of his finest moments and one that his entire family would not soon forget.

'Counting On' New Season Debut Recap: The Highly Anticipated Wedding of Joy-Anna

Since he already had Joy-Anna’s approval, Joseph decided to do something very daring and strange to most folks – he arranged his own proposal of marriage to his then girlfriend, Kendra Caldwell at the same time that Mr. and Mrs. Austin Forsyth’s reception was taking place!

Wait, there’s more – you won’t believe what Joseph did.

Did Joy-Anna toss her bridal bouquet in the air for Kendra to catch it?! Not exactly, although that may have been a much better idea but what if she didn’t catch it?! And let’s not forget that there were over 1,000 people at the big bash – so Joy-Anna came up with a great idea. Instead of throwing it over her head, Joy decided to give her gorgeous arrangement of flowers to her older bro’s gal pal, Kendra – then amazingly, Joseph got down on 1 knee and asked Kendra to marry him. Awe……how adorable is that?!

'Counting On' New Season Debut Recap: The Highly Anticipated Wedding of Joy-Anna

By proposing to the young lady he chose to spend his life with – while his family and many others gathered around, that must have been a sight to see!

Yep….it certainly appears that 1 more Duggar sibling will be getting hitched sometime later this year or next, which also means that fans will be so excited to view upcoming episodes of “Counting On” by simply watching the Duggar’s on line!

Woohoo! The Duggar’s 1st episode of their brand new season has already aired and it was a doozy. Stay tuned, there’s lots more to come.

Written by Renee Barbee

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