“Counting On”: Joy Anna’s Newest Photo Surprises Fans!

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Joy-Anna was never very popular within the Duggar family – and was never really considered “famous” as the rest of the Duggar clan has become, until just a few months ago. For no particular reason and we wonder why that is!


You would think that a family as huge as the Duggar’s are, would do their best to treat all children equal, however, she does have 18 other siblings – most of which all receive a lot more time in the “spotlight” than Joy-Anna does. As a matter of fact, even the fans, along with the show’s producers have hardly paid much attention to her, at least not until recently.

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"Counting On": Joy Anna's Newest Photo Surprises Fans!


Well, all of that has changed now in bigger ways than you can imagine.


After the announcement came that Joy-Anna and her new beau, Austin Forsyth had come engaged, the internet was on fire with comments from fans all over the place. They are absolutely thrilled and excited and can’t wait until Joy-Anna’s big day arrives. In the meantime, fans are really enjoying the social media posts.


Something new was posted this past weekend – that being a photo of Joy-Anna that no one has seen before and we are not sure if it’s the fact that she’s only 19 or maybe she just isn’t used to all the media attention. Show business can place a lot of pressure on celebrities and that’s exactly what she is.


A certain photo of Joy-Anna, which was recently posted on social media and which also includes Josie, Joy-Anna’s baby sister, standing next to her, makes it appear like Joy-Anna is seriously underweight. Is she trying to lose weight to fit into her wedding dress?! Who knows but one thing is for sure – she and Austin will be married this October.


Should anyone be worried?!


A huge amount of Duggar “fan club” members have gone on line and posted their “congrats” to Joy-Anna, all of which were very nice comments regarding the way she looked and her style of clothing.


And yet many others are a bit worried – and basically came up with their own ideas – they don’t quite understand how she is able to lose so much weight in a short amount of time.


"Counting On": Joy Anna's Newest Photo Surprises Fans!

See for yourself! Just look at the picture of Joy-Anna, (above) which got posted this past weekend, on the Duggar’s one and only Facebook site – well, let’s just say that the comments from Joy-Anna’s fans had all kinds of different views on her looks.


“Wow. So beautiful!!!” one fan posted who seemed completely shocked.


“I couldn’t believe that was Joy!! She lost weight!!”


“I didn’t even recognize Joy until I noticed Josie,” as one more fan stated, going gaga about the photo of both.


Joy-Anna and Josie, also stating, “Joy must have lost weight she looks so great.”


Women who are engaged to be married and who try their best to lose weight before the biggest and happiest day of their life is not uncommon at all, however, in this case certain fans and followers are worried that Joy-Anna is losing weight much too fast.


“She looks good but she is not a naturally thin person,” one critic said. “She’s probably starving herself. She won’t keep the weight off.”


“She will gain again after the wedding,” and yet one more fan stated.


Of course, there’s also those faithful Christian followers of the Duggar family who constantly wonder exactly how Joy-Anna and the rest of her female siblings manage to keep such slim figures.


Perhaps it’s a strict diet or exercise routine that they must follow as sort of a “ritual” or tradition within their family’s beliefs as Christians?!


“Why it is important that the Duggar girls become underweight? It is not fair for the young ladies in the Gothard IBLP to be under so much pressure to be thin,” posted a certain very worried fan who is paying close attention.
That’s a fact! Those who know and follow the Duggar’s in every single detail of their daily lives – know very well that every single member of the Duggar family is to follow a very strict guideline when it comes to their daily diet and exercise regimen. It’s considered a part of their religious beliefs.


Well, we all know that the Duggar’s live in a much different world than we do and their way of teaching their children what is right and what is wrong; is by reading and sometimes preaching certain controversial materials and which also include a museum full of “Basic Life Principles” and then becomes the basis tools and religious rules and beliefs that the Duggar’s have developed regarding their children’s nutrition and dietary needs.

“God is concerned about overeating and being over-weight,” a passage that is stated in the bible.
“Weight control requires consistent conformity to God’s principles of living.”


Back in 2014, Michelle Duggar, the matriarch of the Duggar family, gave an interview to “People” magazine, in which she stated that she, herself had her own battle of controlling her weight when she was just a child – basically, she had to deal with being bulimic, which is considered a disease.


Michelle gave most of the credit to Jim Bob Duggar, her hubby, along with the “IBLP” for assisting her so she could fight the disease and control her food portions, along with keeping herself fit, especially for the cameras.


Can you believe it?! The Duggar woman wrote a book, entitled “Growing Up Duggar” – in which they all share stories about their personal struggles, losing weight and other health related issues – all for their fans.


“When we were younger, most of us could eat about anything we wanted to and not gain weight,” as one quote reads from the book.


“But those times have changed. We’ve found that most of us older Duggar’s tend to gain weight.”
Everyone has their own way of dealing with weight issues, however, whatever the Duggar ladies are doing seems to be working quite nicely.


Written by Renee Barbee

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