“Counting On:”: Joy-Anna & Jinger Spotted At a Bridal Shop!

Joy-Anna Duggar has already begun the planning stages of her wedding and she just accomplished one more item on her “to do” list before her big day! Joy-Anna, along with a few other female relatives within her very close knit family just happened to be seen shopping for wedding dresses at a certain shop which, of course, sells bridal gowns – and, it appears that Jinger, one of her sisters was perhaps the biggest help of all and assisted Joy-Anna with the right selection. After all, isn’t that what sisters are for?!


"Counting On:": Joy-Anna & Jinger Spotted At a Bridal Shop!

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Just two days ago, this past Thursday, those die-hard fans of the website, “Free Jinger” found what they were looking for – on social media, which gave them some insight as to the exact location of a new bridal boutique where the ladies took Joy-Anna, at 19 years of age to purchase a wedding gown. A woman by the name of “Renee Miller” and who also created the wedding dress for Jinger’s big day, was found on line – the store is called “Renee’s Bridal” located in a city called “Mount Sterling” in the state of Kentucky. Apparently, Ms. Miller just recently opened.


The fans also discovered some posts on social media regarding the ladies from the Duggar family – and, they also saw cameras, who obviously were hired by the Duggar family to tag along and video tape Joy-Anna’s fabulous shopping trip in the state of Kentucky – perhaps Jinger did some research of her own before they ventured out and decided to drive all the way to Kentucky, instead of shopping in their home town of Arkansas. Their fans are very intuitive and eventually figured out that it was Joy-Anna looking for and being fit for the perfect dress at the one and only “Miller’s” brand new boutique for brides to be!




"Counting On:": Joy-Anna & Jinger Spotted At a Bridal Shop!


We all know how much the Duggar’s love their fans and, whether it was a coincidence or not, a fan just happened to see those same Duggar ladies outside – after they were done shopping, and, of course this fan posted some photos of the ladies directly into the Duggar’s social media site, in what they refer to as the “visitor’s” Facebook section. This fan could post her own picture taken with none other than Michelle Duggar, the matriarch and mother to Joy-Anna, along with her grandmother from her dad’s side of the family, and of course, both Jana and Jinger.


A report from the “International Business Times” states that Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo apparently caused a major shock to a lot of fans and followers but from what?! Well, she broke another Duggar rule by not adhering to her families very strict code of ethics when it comes to what they are allowed to wear. What else is new?! Jinger was seen out in public, no less – sporting both shorts and long pants on different days of course, however, fans were rejoicing and were so happy that she chose to do what she wanted, instead of following her parents’ guidelines on what they should and should not wear. The Duggar ladies tend to be old fashioned when it comes to their clothes but not Jinger – she likes to try out new styles, which allows her the freedom to do as she pleases and wear what she wants. She’s a grown woman for heaven’s sakes and she’s also a married woman.


"Counting On:": Joy-Anna & Jinger Spotted At a Bridal Shop!


But and this is a biggie folks – Jinger chose to wear the appropriate clothing, set by her parents, but only when she is on camera for the family’s reality TV show, “Counting On” instead of making her mom and dad upset, she dressed in the old-fashioned clothing – see for yourself the dress that Jinger decided to wear in the picture below.


"Counting On:": Joy-Anna & Jinger Spotted At a Bridal Shop!


Let’s examine something here – since it appears that Joy-Anna has agreed to purchase a dress for her wedding from designer, “Renee Miller” during this time – knowing how long it takes to design a bridal gown, which is about 2 full months, not to mention further alterations if the fitting isn’t just right, we are guessing that the actual date of her wedding to Austin will not take place until either July or sometime in the fall. Perhaps these Duggar ladies didn’t just stop in to the “Miller’s” store to help choose a wedding dress for Joy-Anna: Could it be that they had made an appointment so the “bride-to-be” could try on her dress to make sure it was the exact measurements to fit her?! From what the “Hollywood Gossip” magazine has reported, the Duggar’s made an earlier trip back in March of this year to an “Ark Encounter” located in the state of Kentucky. It could very well be that Joy-Anna had already picked out her bridal dress when they visited the State referred to as “Bluegrass” down home country – from the famed designer, Renee Miller.



As of now, neither Joy-Anna or Austin Forsyth, her fiancé, have yet to disclose the actual site of where their wedding will take place, nor have they publicized a date for their big day. As was previously reported from “Inquisitr” several of their fans are assuming that this couple who adores to be outdoors will most likely choose to have their wedding in a “rustic” type of setting, maybe in a woodsy area – not only that, they are thinking that the perfect place would be “Fort Rock Family Camp” which is mainly a location where tourists come to visit and which is family owned by none other than Austin’s mom and dad. Sure, sounds like a great venue to have their wedding. This camp is in a very isolated part of the Ozarks in Arkansas – it also looks a lot like an old Western type of town, like the movie sets you saw in the TV series, “Gun Smoke” however, this town has plenty of gorgeous views from the scenic state of Arkansas in the land of the Ozarks.


A perfect setting for the perfect wedding but exactly when will Joy-Anna & Austin make that announcement is anyone’s guess!


Written by Renee Barbee

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