“Counting On”: Jinger Has a Baby Shower Registry?!


During the last several weeks, there have been a lot of crazy rumors out there – coming from the states of both Arkansas, (the Duggar’s homeland), along with Texas, the “Lone Star” state, all of which are constantly posting comments asking if Jinger is expecting baby number one.


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"Counting On": Jinger Has a Baby Shower Registry?!


There is a very good reason for the speculation – especially since Jinger and Jeremy were married six months ago – so, of course fans are trying their best to find out if and when she will become pregnant.


It’s practically unheard of when one of the Duggar ladies gets hitched and after 6 months, no word of any baby news, which is the norm in the Duggar household, as the newly married couple is way past the deadline for making such a huge announcement – especially after almost a year of wedded bliss.


IF Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo is expecting, she isn’t doing a very good job of hiding it as seen in many of the photos which have been posted on social media – perhaps she just doesn’t want everyone to know about it yet, OR, maybe the fans have already figured it out by the “baby bump” that Jinger tried to hide from her very inquisitive fan base – whatever the reason is, Jinger refuses to say anything about a pending “birth” for her and Jeremy.


Take for example, the pictures of Jinger, which have been posted in the last few weeks on Instagram – and which looks as if she really does have a “baby bump” – or, perhaps she is barely starting to show. At the very young age of 23, Jinger is still a spring chick and has some good “child bearing” years ahead of her.


"Counting On": Jinger Has a Baby Shower Registry?!


To make things more intriguing for fans, Jinger posted a comment about some type of “hush-hush” and super huge family announcement, which apparently, the fans are taking as a sign that Jinger is indeed pregnant.


As most of us are aware, the Duggar family doesn’t like to reveal any major family news events until the week of or even a few days before it even takes place. In other words, they tend to keep everything a secret until the very last minute.


The Duggar’s can be very private at times, but when it comes to huge life altering news, for example – a sibling beginning a new courtship, and/or preparing for a big wedding – and the main attraction, of course is one of the female siblings announcing that she is pregnant – all of which is the very reason that fans tune in each Monday night to watch their favorite reality show on the Duggar’s TLC network.


Perhaps Jinger and her hubby, Jeremy are choosing to wait until the premier episode of “Counting On” makes its official debut for the Duggar families 4th big Season or maybe not! In either case, we all know that some major announcements will be revealed and to this newly married couple, that’s usually their preferred method. It’s almost that time, as the brand-new Season is little less than one month away.


The Duggar’s love to tease their fans on social media – and, this might just be Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s plan to double or triple their views to boost their ratings, especially as the time grows closer for the big debut when their reality TV series returns for their 4th Season starting on the 12th of June – that’s pretty much exactly how they roll in show biz and it also ties in with their method of operation.


"Counting On": Jinger Has a Baby Shower Registry?!


Sadly, both Jinge and Jere’s idea of keeping big news from their fans, especially during the last 5 months of this year has been a very hard task to accomplish – now, however, this happily married couple may have waited for much longer than anticipated:


Our sources reveal that quite a few newspapers and on line magazines have published some info that was spotted by fans who were trying to get the scoop – well, they found a certain site of which Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo chose to use as their personal “baby shower” registry – and apparently, the source is saying it was actually created by Jinger and Jeremy.


Those fans must have been looking hard – who would ever guess that a site for choosing items for a new born baby would be called “Buy Buy Baby?!”


Last Monday, the 8th of May, word got out about the Vuolo’s registry and as usual it was quickly shared and posted all over the Nation of the Duggar Family. Either it was a hoax, or it’s very possible that there is another woman out there by the same name, “Jinger Nicole Vuolo” but we highly doubt it.


However, the site has since been taken down and/or removed – also, since that time, we haven’t found anything from the Duggar’s discussing it – so, odds are that registry was in fact valid.


Not only did the site reveal that Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo is pregnant, it also included the actual date that she is supposed to give birth, which is supposedly the 16th of December, less than 10 days before Christmas – and the biggest shocker of them all, is that Jinger’s 1st child will be a girl!


We have no idea exactly what Jinger and Jeremy picked out from their personal registry, however, from what we have of the Duggar ladies’ previous registries, at the time when they were expecting, it’s a sure bet that they have listed several unusual items.


Word travels fast on social media and on the net – so, even though many fans have revealed the big secret, you can bet your bottom dollar that the newly married couple will reveal “all” regarding Jinger’s pregnancy any day now.


As we all know, when a Duggar sibling is expecting her 1st child – the entire family gathers around to celebrate and you can be sure that this huge announcement will have a tremendous impact when Season 4 of the Duggar’s reality TV show, “Counting On” returns next month.



"Counting On": Jinger Has a Baby Shower Registry?!


Stay tuned Duggar fans – it won’t be much longer now, as the season debut of “Counting On” begins Monday, June 12th, 9/8c.



Written by Renee Barbee

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