“Counting On”: Jinger and Jeremy Have Foodie Fun Made from Crocodile! See Hilarious Video Here!

Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo along with her new hubby, Jeremy, had one heck of a blast during their awesome honeymoon – and, believe it or not, they even tried some foreign food items during their fabulous trip.


We all know how much the Duggar’s love to post videos of their adventures – and this time it was Jinger and her newlywed hubby, Jeremy who was shown in the below video sampling some strange delicacies from “down under” referred to as food from Australia, however, the kind of food they tried was not the typical burger and fries they get back home in Arkansas. You really don’t want to miss them in action as seen in the video below.

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Jinge and Jere’s huge and unusual lunch items during honeymoon in the land of Sydney “down under” Australia


The happy newlyweds decided to have lunch at one very ancient hotel – then one special Australian entrée came out rather quickly. Apparently, neither of them liked the appetizer one single bit. As one can imagine, they are not used to eating food from another country. Just by the look on Jeremy’s face, it was clear that he didn’t like the food at all. Both Jinger and Jeremy then took a taste of vegemite, which was a spread that was placed on toast – this special “vegemite” contains a yeast extract, a variety of different spices, and some veggies.



While Jeremy was doing his best to eat the food he was served, the silly expressions he was making caused them both to crack up – and although Jinger really tried her best to take a picture of him with her phone, the couple was having too much fun laughing about his ugly looks he made while tasting the strange entrée. Although the food really didn’t seem to bother Jinger -it did appear that she enjoyed it just a little more than Jeremy did. The really odd issue was the fact that even knowing that Jeremy didn’t like the food, he continued to gobble it up – perhaps he was just super hungry and decided he better eat it.



Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo did her best to tell their fans and followers that her hubby, Jeremy really enjoys sampling new food items and getting involved in the unusual aspects of life – so he decided it was best that he assist and join his wife by getting out and doing new things. Jeremy also had this to say, “it tastes like it is good for you.” OK, so they decided to honeymoon in a foreign country and had lunch at a restaurant which did have burgers, along with pizza on the menu, however, the items that were included in the all American favorites looked very strange. For example, the burgers and pizza came with something called “emu” along with “kangaroo” which was printed on the menu, so, naturally, both Jinge and Jere declined to eat it since they are not accustomed to consuming such strange food items. Many newlywed couples enjoy trying new and exciting things while they are vacationing in a foreign land, however, they chose not to indulge in that type of very odd looking food. And who can blame them?!


The person who looked completely horrified and a bit shocked at the very thought of consuming “emu” was none other than Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo herself. Hey! They are in the land of “down-under” so naturally “crocodile” was even listed on the list of menu items. Even so, they both eventually tasted just a few different menu items. Neither of them could decide on exactly what they thought was best to try out and eat, however, they did eventually decide on one particular item. And this so called “entrée” from Australia seemed very normal, just like back home. Much to their surprise, the food dish they both enjoyed the most was a “crocodile” pizza -which Jinger revealed was absolutely the best pizza she had ever eaten.



She also ordered one hamburger, however, it only contained beef, just like back home, the way they like it. And, just how did they like the kangaroo, along with the emu food items – NOT so much – so, needless to say, neither of them bothered to taste it.


Sounds like one honeymoon where neither Jinger or Jeremy enjoyed the Aussie food, however, the pizza was delicious!


Written by Renee Barbee

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