“Counting On”: Jill and Jinger At Odds?!

"Counting On": Jill and Jinger At Odds?!

Duggar sisters, Jill and Jinger’s recent posts on their social media sites have indicated that their families are involved in some kind of feud.  Fans believe that they have figured out why the siblings are fighting with each other.

Apparently, fans have noticed that Jill along with hubby, Derick are no longer a “follower” of sister, Jinger on  her social media site, “Instagram.  So what’s up?! Jill and Derick Dillard have also decided to do the same with Jinger’s hubby, Jeremy. However, they simply don’t pay any attention to Jeremy’s Instagram account. According to a recent published report from the “Hollywood Gossip” fans are beginning to assume that the Duggar sisters are having some kind of war between each other.  Say what?! Sadly, the fans also see major signs indicating that Jill has become very jealous of her sister, Jinger. We are now thinking the main issue why Jill and her hubby, Derick, no longer feel the need to follow their extended family on social media could possibly be that they are very disturbed with some comments that Jeremy has posted regarding the missionary work and/or just missionaries in general. Or, perhaps Jill and Derick are being criticized for staying in a foreign country and away from their respective families for far too long.

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"Counting On": Jill and Jinger At Odds?!

As we all know, both Jill and Derick have been in Central America for nearly 2 years already doing missionary duties. With everything else that some of the Duggar family members have done, people who belong to the so called “Free Jinger” movement, which is basically a forum located on the internet, now believe that good ole Jeremy decided to use Jill and her husband Derick as subjects for his discussion with his upcoming sermon.  Yes, Jeremy will be preaching on how urgent it is to be very aware and prepped for anything that comes their way if and when they choose a life to work in the field of the missionaries. As we all know, it takes a huge amount of effort to get on a plane and fly clear across the world to battle the fierce jungle in El Salvador, which is exactly where Jill and Derick have been living and working for the last 2 years. In Derick’s sermon, which is called “Phillippians: God’s Sovereignty in Establishing His Church,” Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger’s hubby, calls the sermon “unqualified, uncalled, unconfirmed, unsent zealots” who seem to “cause more damage than they do good” just because they have chosen to be missionaries themselves. So what’s the big deal?!

"Counting On": Jill and Jinger At Odds?!

“Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have faced many of the same criticisms laid out in Jeremy Vuolo’s sermon. He calls out missionaries who “have never been established by a local church,” which also includes Jill’s along with hubby, Derick’s personal house of where they worship, which just happens to be the “Cross Church”.  However, the main issue is due to the lack of partnership with the Vuolo’s to help with their trip as missionaries. Well, some people just don’t “meet” the criteria to become people of faith in order to perform duties in that field.  Such is the case with Jill and her hubby, Derick.  They were both allegedly rejected by the “Southern Baptist Church” simply because neither passed the test, which means they both failed on the qualifications to become missionaries themselves – however, from a post on the Duggar’s official Blog site. Jill and Derick are are involved in the “S.O.S. Ministries” and apparently, they have set up a fundraising campaign by themselves by pleading to their many fans, asking for a donation to help fund that exact ministry, which they are calling a part of their own personal family. Hey, the money to fund these various ministries doesn’t fall off of trees – they have to find their own resources.

"Counting On": Jill and Jinger At Odds?!

“There is the issue of many who grow zealous without growing up.”

As Jeremy’s sermon indicated, he preached about certain “zealots” who have decided it was best to “abandon it all” for the words which are noted in their gospel once they listened to the verbiage from men, such as “John Piper” who is a Pastor similar to the Baptist in the Calvinist sector.

However, from what we have learned about “Patheos” Derick Dillard is a huge fan of John Piper. It gets even more interesting, as Jeremy also included “Nepal” – the same place where Derick had been residing and also working as a devoted missionary himself.  This explains how and where he and Jill Duggar met for the very 1st time.

“There is the issue of many who grow zealous without growing up.” “Do you have $800 in your bank account? Tomorrow you can be in Nepal preaching to people who have never heard of Jesus in their life.”

Hmm, doesn’t exactly make a whole lot of “cents” if you know what we mean?!

Written by Renee Barbee

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