“Counting On”: Jana Duggar Dating Jonathan Hartono the Real Deal?!


Hmm! Just a few days ago, we learned of a news report, stating that the oldest daughter in the Duggar family, Jana may be in a relationship with Jonathan Hartono .  Who just happens to be another friend of the family for a very long time. Jonathan is currently a student at a college in Florida.


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Since Jana is already 27 and fans have been speculating and wondering exactly when Jana would find herself the perfect guy, of course, the fans and followers of the Duggar family were elated upon hearing the wonderful news. Perhaps Jana has actually found the right” man for her!


"Counting On": Jana Duggar Dating Jonathan Hartono the Real Deal?!


At this current time, neither Jana or anyone from the Duggar family has made any official comment on this “courtship” – however, we are not implying that Jana and Jonathan are just friends. The fact of the matter is, unless we hear the official word from the Duggar camp regarding their new romance, it’s just that, speculation.


Those who are very close to the Duggar family have told “celebrity gossip” which happens to have connections to “Radar Online” is stating that Jonathan is dating Jana and they are involved in a relationship.


They also said that Jana has been a very close friend with Jonathan for many years – and, to be quite honest, many “friendships” like this one can sometimes turn into romance. It happens all the time.


One of the main reasons why we haven’t heard much about their relationship, is because Jonathan is still in college and keeping very busy while trying to earn his degree in another state. Jana has been staying in touch with her new guy every chance she gets. (that is very hard to do for any couple, especially for a Duggar sibling who is not yet married – the rules state that Jana is never to use social media until she is married)


These so-called sources are now stating that even though Jana and Jonathan have become more than just good friends for the last several years, the below info is no big surprise.


"Counting On": Jana Duggar Dating Jonathan Hartono the Real Deal?!


Once Jana learned that Jonathan spoke to her dad, JB Duggar and asked his permission to begin dating his daughter, who happens to be his oldest female child, she was very happy.


It goes without saying – IF, Jana and Jonathan are truly in a new relationship and it’s all legit, all those rumormongers will now realize that Jim Bob was never holding Jana back from finding true happiness.


OK, now that we know Jana is supposedly dating Jonathan, the big question is; exactly how did these two love birds meet?


Apparently, from different news sources, they met via a foreign exchange program – that basically matches students with other people, while attending college and, by that, we mean placing them with appropriate host families of the Christian faith. The Duggar’s apparently did exactly that and allowed Jonathan to stay with them even when the student – and in this case, Jonathan isn’t able to go back home when school is out on break. (Jonathan was born and raised in Indonesia and both of his parents remain living there, as that is their native home land)


Both Jonathan, along with his female sibling “often stayed with the Duggar’s during breaks from school in the summer and over holidays,” as one source from inside the family tells “Radar.”
“The Duggar’s watched over him like family.”


And, this source continued by stating that the couple made an instant connection and quickly became good friends – it’s almost as if they are the perfect match for each other, even other members of the Duggar family have noticed the same thing. Both Jana and her new guy, Jonathan seem to have similar personalities which allows their family and many others to see how good they are together.
“I think he and Jana are actually a great match because he’s so sweet and fun,” as stated by a very close source – this is an indication of how well they get along; two very outgoing people, both young and innocent.


"Counting On": Jana Duggar Dating Jonathan Hartono the Real Deal?!
Although Jana and Jonathan seem perfectly smitten with each other, those same sources stated that fans know what Jana likes in a guy – so, it’s not a shock that rumors began to spread and saying that Jana was dating a dude by the name of “Tim Tebow” since he’s a rugged mountain type of guy and adores to be outside, just like Jana.


That may be true, and……Jonathan isn’t anything like that. But, when a lady sees something that she wants, and her instincts tell her it just “feels right” then they usually go for it – that rule also applies to guys. If this is the real deal for Jana, then more power to her!


"Counting On": Jana Duggar Dating Jonathan Hartono the Real Deal?!Jonathon and his Sister Jennifer


The world has been waiting and watching for Jana to find Mr. Right and from the looks of things, Jonathan may be him!


Written by Renee Barbee

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