“Counting On”: Is Joy-Anna Duggar Really Expecting?!

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"Counting On": Is Joy-Anna Duggar Really Expecting?!

Given the fact, that the Duggar ladies, (meaning siblings) of the family have strict rules set forth by their father when they begin to date, it’s no wonder that they become pregnant within months of getting hitched – and then it’s a never ending cycle of babies being born from the married Duggar women. And, some are even subjected to fans continuous comments and posts asking IF or when she plans to have her first child.

For many fans and followers, it can become very aggravating to say the least – not to mention a little unnerving.

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However, this is also in the same category, as in “celebrity” status and because of that, their last name brings fame and fortune – and sometimes, includes making a lot of babies.

During an interview with the popular “OK!” magazine, JB Duggar gave a very intense clue – indicating that Joy-Anna, Jim Bob’s daughter, who just got married to Austin Forsyth is expecting their first child.

"Counting On": Is Joy-Anna Duggar Really Expecting?!

“It’s probably going to be Joseph and Kendra, maybe their relationship, maybe getting a little closer and then, who knows?” as JB chuckled. “As though pondering a metaphysical question with no true answer, as JB further stated, “Maybe Joy and Austin will have a little one on the way. “You never know what will happen.” You can say that again!

The silly part of Jim Bob’s comments – as a matter of fact, is that JB Duggar himself already knows what is taking place within his own family, which, of course, includes all of his kids. Jim Bob is trying hard, so he doesn’t spill the beans and reveal the juicy details.

Well, as it turns out, JB figured out that he may have shot off his mouth a little too much regarding Joy-Anna – or, perhaps he was teasing the fans, just to make the front page of the daily news, in that respect, he quickly changed his tune and said:

“Maybe Jinger and Jeremy,” hmm, has JB lost his mind?! It’s almost as if he is recalling the moments of Jinger’s marriage ceremony to Jeremy – and that took place in 2016.

We all know that he has a huge family – come on now, 19 kids is a bit hard to keep track of, let alone remembering who did what, and when?! – and, in this case, he seems to have forgotten which daughter is married and the others who have begun courtships and must deal with those dang “side-hugs” – right now we only know of one Duggar who is engaged and that wedding is already in the planning stages, so setting aside everything that has taken place in the last several years, it gets to the point, where someone has to keep track of all these events taking place.

"Counting On": Is Joy-Anna Duggar Really Expecting?!

We must remember that JB is the Patriarch of the Duggar family and he does his best to keep the fans up to speed on the many things taking place within his huge family – it’s almost like watching the “Game of Thrones.” You just never know what’s gonna happen next! It’s kind of like a love-hate relationship with Jim Bob and his kids.

Finally, Michelle Duggar, his very faithful wife and mom to all 19 of his children, managed to do what most “mothers” do best in this type of situation – she quickly stepped in and helped her bumbling hubby finish the interview.
“We’ve got more grandbabies on the way,” as Michelle Duggar told the infamous magazine in her quiet “mouse-like” voice.
Seriously Jim Bob! That’s the only way you know how to reveal some big news?! Geez Louise, as the old saying goes.

That’s definitely not the way to tell your fans about big pending news – you must keep them guessing at all times. We might not always see Michelle as the “shining star” that she is, however, she clearly knows how to handle her husband and has saved him quite a few times – in other words, she’s got this!

By now – and, after all these years, one would assume that JB has mastered the art of giving interviews – especially since he’s been making a lot of cash from his own kids and the way they live, however, we can sum it up this way – it is what it is, well, at least with Jim Bob Duggar, and, as we all know, he is definitely not perfect in any way, shape or form.

You know the drill – “Counting On” is available for your viewing pleasure via the website every Monday night – you can catch up on any episodes that you may have missed. Better do that soon – as the clock is ticking and in less than two months, the new season will debut on their reality TV network, “TLC” which resumes on the 11th of September.

"Counting On": Is Joy-Anna Duggar Really Expecting?!

Let’s try to prevent from posting any teasers about future episodes, shall we?!

It also appears that even Jim Bob has no idea what’s on the horizon – and, we are pretty darn sure, that the Duggar siblings, who are now married, would really like to keep things the way they are – their private lives to themselves, at least, for the time being.

As all Duggar women know, when they are finally married, everything that daddy Duggar has taught them gets transformed directly to their new hubby’s. Once a Duggar, always a Duggar – no matter who they choose to marry or what they plan to do, mom and dad will always be in their shadows.

Hard to believe that another season of “Counting On” is all wrapped up, however, you can still watch episodes on Monday nights, only on the TLC network.

Written by Renee Barbee

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