“Counting On”: Has Jana Found Love with a Longtime Family Friend?!

OK, so Jana doesn’t have herself a “man” yet – at least, that’s the word on social media these days – so, the world wants to know, has Miss Duggar met Mr. Right to tango with, or perhaps she has met another man to sweep her off her feet!


"Counting On": Has Jana Found Love with a Longtime Family Friend?!

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The latest “rumor” going around at this current time is that Jana Duggar has indeed found herself a new guy to love – apparently with a friend of the Duggar clan. The “Christian Post” took it upon themselves to publish these so called “gossip” mongers, however, this time, it appears the rumor just may very well be accurate.


Just Who is this mysterious guy that Jana has fallen for?


"Counting On": Has Jana Found Love with a Longtime Family Friend?!


Glad you asked! The dude’s name is “Jonathan Hartono” who appears to have stolen Jana’s heart. Well folks, she has confessed that her ideal guy would be not afraid of hard work and getting his hands filthy dirty, which basically means, she has no intentions of courting just any man who finds her attractive and wants to date. Ok, so exactly how did this all take place and what sparked this new love interest for Jana?! We all know the Duggar’s love posting stuff on social media – and, as usual, the video was posted and, of course shared via the “Tumbler” site – soon after that, it was also posted and, of course shared to Jonathan’s social media site – that being Instagram as well. The video displayed this young man talking to Jana’s father, JB Duggar and stated; “1 on 1.”


"Counting On": Has Jana Found Love with a Longtime Family Friend?!


Jonathan never indicated exactly what the issue was, however, the conversation sure looked as if he was spending some quality time with Jim Bob Duggar, who, as we all know is Jana’s father.


Of course, it goes without saying, it was the perfect moment for Jonathan to ask the patriarch of the Duggar family permission to begin dating Jana.


At this current time, neither Jana Duggar, nor, her newbie “beau” Jonathan have yet to mention one word about the so-called rumors.


We understand ‘IF’ and when Jana decides to make the official statement that she is actually dating – it will only take place when she is good and ready. That is one of the many Duggar family traditions and probably always will be.


When the time comes, both Jana and Jonathan will create a video and the next step is to post it on the Duggar’s social media site and/or Blog to make the huge announcement stating that their relationship is not platonic.


"Counting On": Has Jana Found Love with a Longtime Family Friend?!


According to various reports – Jana has been longtime friends with Jonathan Hartono for nearly 7 years – beginning in 2010. Apparently, Jonathan also attended a long-distance trip, which involved mission work; well, supposedly John David Duggar tagged along with his big sister Jana, and they all flew a very long way from home and landed in another country, that being, Southeast Asia. From what we do know, Jana apparently is good friends with both Jonathan and a sister, whose name is Jennifer. He sounds like a good catch for her and could very well be a perfect match for Jana and possibly convince her to begin dating – after all, she is the oldest of the Duggar female siblings and really needs to get a life of her own.


"Counting On": Has Jana Found Love with a Longtime Family Friend?!


Naturally, the Duggar family has many longtime friends who have become very close to their entire brood. Some of the Duggar siblings choose to hang out with these friends, but it’s usually their way of getting close enough to refer to them as buddies who also get involved with the Duggar family – either that or they just believe in their hearts that Jonathan would be a perfect match for Jana, along with her family’s crazy way of living.


"Counting On": Has Jana Found Love with a Longtime Family Friend?!


Well folks, all we can tell you now is that Jonathan, including his sister Jennifer have been hanging out quite a bit these past few weeks and/or months at – where else but the Duggar’s extremely enormous house ever since the siblings joined the circle of friends within the Duggar family.


“Counting On” is soon to debut a brand-new series of episodes and which will mainly show details regarding the so called “close” encounter regarding Jana and the very possibility of a brand-new relationship with this longtime friend of the family, who everyone is assuming has already begun.


So much happening in the world of Duggar Ville – are y’all ready for the new season to begin?!


"Counting On": Has Jana Found Love with a Longtime Family Friend?!


Written by: Renee Barbee

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