“Counting On”: Facebook Fans Show Their Love For Jana!

The world of social media has not yet entered Jana Duggar’s mind – why, you ask?! She never set up a profile page on Facebook and why is that?!


If you think that’s shocking, she doesn’t even have a Twitter or an Instagram account.

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"Counting On": Facebook Fans Show Their Love For Jana!


However, it’s not what you think – she just prefers it that way. Jana isn’t crazy about our modern technology, and, she would never abandon her fans. Of course, she wants to keep them updated on her personal life.


It has nothing to do with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or the “celeb” status that comes with it. Jana is only 27 and she is a stickler for adhering to those family “rules” while living in her parents’ house – the reason being is that it has also been banned by her parents and all siblings must obey those rules but sometimes they don’t.


Well folks, until further notice, those of you die-hard Duggar fans will have to rely on updates from the families official Facebook site, which is updated and posted by mom and dad.


"Counting On": Facebook Fans Show Their Love For Jana!


Speaking of social media, when we all heard the news about Jinger and the possibility that she could be pregnant with her hubby, Jeremy Vuolo, suddenly there has been a huge amount of curiosity about Jana, especially regarding the intimate details, wanting to know if she has a beau.


For some reason, the very idea that Jana is already 27 (estimated to be at a total of 108 if you figure in the many and we mean a huge amount of Duggar births within that time), which absolutely blows the minds of many fans who all tried their best to give Jana a boost of confidence so she would want to go out and meet Mr. Right.


Despite their best efforts, the match-making between Jana and the infamous “Tim Tebow” isn’t going to happen, however, one organization, referred to as “the Society for the Utilization of Jana’s Uterus” refuses to turn the other cheek, as they say. There is still hope for Jana yet and we hope its soon.


"Counting On": Facebook Fans Show Their Love For Jana!


Just the other day, the official Facebook site of the Duggar family showed the picture above where you can see Jana alongside John David, Jana’s twin bro.


“Our first set of twins,” JB and his lovely wife Michelle, the parents of Jana Duggar and who posted the caption which was also included with the photo. “We sure do love these two!”
It appears, from the various comments on their Facebook site, that JB and of course his wife, Michelle have the fans support when it comes to loving Jana. (Jana’s fans are like friends to her but they also feel sympathy for twin bro, John David)


"Counting On": Facebook Fans Show Their Love For Jana!
“Jana is so beautiful. I have seen her grow up to be such a beautiful young and classy lady,” as stated and posted by a fan.


“The beauty on the outside matches the beauty on the inside. A loving heart and an open mind… The possibilities for these two are endless,” one more fan posted.


Written by Renee Barbee

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