“Counting On”: Duggar Wedding Bells Ringing THIS Weekend!


No way Jose! How can this be?! Supposedly the newly engaged couple, Joy-Anna Duggar, who is also a reality TV show biz star on her families long running series, “Counting On” is about to get hitched – meaning a wedding which is planned for Saturday of this coming weekend.


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"Counting On": Duggar Wedding Bells Ringing THIS Weekend!


Well, folks, we just recently found out from a new source that Joy-Anna, one of the female siblings in the Duggar family is planning to marry her longtime friend-turned-boyfriend, and then turned fiancé, just a few months ago – the very handsome Austin Forsyth. Their wedding is being planned and now, the word is, they are about to be married in Arkansas on Saturday, May 20th, which is right around the corner. This is crazy and is a complete shock to us all – as we all know; their wedding was first reported to take place in October and then we heard that it could be as soon as June or July – how could they possibly be ready by this weekend?!


"Counting On": Duggar Wedding Bells Ringing THIS Weekend!


All we know right now is that this info, which came from an inside source, the Facebook site for “Life is Not all Pickles and Hairspray” and, supposedly has a wonderful reputation of keeping up on the Duggar’s activities, which means, they are stating their report is valid.

"Counting On": Duggar Wedding Bells Ringing THIS Weekend!


Wow and double Wow! Joy-Anna is only 19 years old – SO, if she really and truly gets hitched this coming Saturday, she will make history in her own family due to the fact that she will represent the youngest sibling in the Duggar clan to get hitched, meaning Joy-Anna will become the only Duggar female bride to marry at such a young age – (except for Joy-Anna’s mama, Michelle Duggar, who married Joy-Anna’s daddy when she was only 17 years old.) Yikes! No wonder she has 19 kids. Joy’s big sis Jessa (Duggar) Seewald was a bit older when she got married, at the age of 21 – and, of course, we can’t forget about Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo who was only 22 when she and Jeremy Vuolo were married. Last, but not least, Jill (Duggar) Dillard married her hubby, Derick, when she was at the tender age of 23 – still considered young but not nearly as innocent as Joy-Anna.


Well Duggar Fans, stay tuned – will Joy-Anna and Austin really get married this Saturday?! As soon as we know, you will know.
Written by Renee Barbee

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