Could O.J. Simpson Be Our Next Reality TV Star?!

O.J. Simpson is up for parole October 1 and will more than likely be released. With that knowledge, many tv stations have expressed an interest in having him in a new reality tv series. Of course, others have outright refused to even consider it.

Recently there have been a number of stations doing their own versions of either replaying the scenes from all those years ago to reviewing all the evidence. There is definitely an interest in OJ’s life. I would say whatever station (and we know one will) picks it up will make some money from it.

Could O.J. Simpson Be Our Next Reality TV Star?!

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There is also talk that they would remake an interview based on his book, “If I had done it.” Personally, I think this is in horrible taste. Whether he did it or someone else did it, is it fair to Nicole’s family to have to continually relive her tragedy? I don’t think so.

Written by Molly Mae

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