Could Beloved Soap Opera Days of Our Lives Be Canceled for New Megyn Kelly Gig?

Could Beloved Soap Opera Days of Our Lives Be Canceled for New Megyn Kelly Gig?

Could Beloved Soap Opera Days of Our Lives Be Canceled for New Megyn Kelly Gig?

Days of Our Lives fans, I would suggest that you are either sitting or lying down somewhere before you read this article.

Megyn Kelly, best known for her stint on Fox News, has some predicting what her brand new job tile will be once she joins the NBC network – and, well, those predictions are causing a big stir ever since she left her job at Fox News – which was recently revealed this past Tuesday. But, a certain source who is well connected to the long running and oh so loved “soap opera” has told PEOPLE magazine some disturbing information regarding several of the cast members who apparently were told that 2017 would be the end of just one of the longest running soaps in history. NO! Please say it aint so….we, the fans cannot lose our favorite soap of all time. This just cannot happen. However, the source has said this long running soap series could be on its last leg, so to speak.

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No matter what anyone says, Days is one of the very best and longest ever “running” and scripted TV shows in this entire world – and which has aired almost every single day, (excluding weekends) since forever! The soap began on November 8th of 1965.

A source on the inside, for many years has stated that Days has currently been on a renewal basis from year-to-year, however as the contract stands now, the show is slated to be renewed at the end of this year, 2017 but that may not happen.

This particular source has stated that the execs from the show itself, have apparently already alerted some of their “key staffers” which may indicate the show is coming to an end.

“Basically, we’ve heard that there won’t be a Days in 2018,” stated the inside source who is very close within the show, and which, by the way just recently celebrated the show’s 51st anniversary the NBC network.

So, exactly what does that mean for this half century old and one of the longest running daytime drama series, “Days of Our Lives?”

And, to make things even worse, someone very close to the soap, which has been a fan favorite for almost 51 years has told PEOPLE magazine – are you ready for this?! and many of the cast members have actually been informed 2017 will most likely be the last year that Days remains on the air. What the hell?!

Days of Our Lives fans rely on their daily fix of soap drama – it’s also a scripted show and is one of the longest running TV programs that has ever been on the air in the entire world and that’s huge! Days airs almost every single day of the week, (excluding weekends and certain holidays) since it began back on November the 8th of 1965. This year their contract is up and remains to be seen whether or not it will get renewed.

“Basically, we’ve heard that there won’t be a Days in 2018,” stated the unknown source who is associated with the soap and which recently just celebrated its HUGE 51st anniversary celebration on the NBC network.

“Nobody knows when Megyn starts,” stated the source. “She is still under contract at Fox until July, then she has a six-month non-compete [clause].”

“Nobody knows what she is going to be doing,” said the source. “There is so much that has to still be arranged. It’s definitely not like she’s starting on the Today show Monday morning!”

Seriously! This just cannot happen. OK, Days fans. Let’s hope that Megyn Kelly chooses another gig and leaves our 51 year old soap alone.

Written by Renee Barbee

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