Co-Trustees, Brennan & Robin Thicke Willing to Go to Court to Save Dad, Alan’s Estate

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Tanya Callau, actor Alan Thicke’s widow, says that they were planning on having a child this year. She said that they had some of her eggs frozen three years ago in anticipation of being impregnated in 2017. Why 2017? Well, they were waiting until Thicke’s youngest son, Carter moved out of the house. Carter turns 19 this year.


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Co-Trustees, Brennan & Robin Thicke Willing to Go to Court to Save Dad, Alan's Estate


Unfortunately, Thicke died in December 2016, suffering a heart attack while playing ice hockey. The couple was married for 11 years.


Now, Thicke’s two oldest sons, Brennan and R&B/pop singer Robin may be taking the 41-year old widow to court. Callau is arguing that prenup with Thicke is invalid.


The case stems from Brennan and Robin, as co-trustees to their father’s estate claiming that their father left his three sons equal shares of the property he shared with Callau, plus 75% of his personal effects and 60% percent of the remaining estate (assuming that’s cash, bonds, and stocks). To his dear, beloved wife, the boys say that Thicke left her 25% of his personal effects, 40% of his remaining estate, and that she could remain on the ranch they shared as long as she continued to pay the maintenance and upkeep. In addition, he left her a $500,000 life insurance policy and all his death benefits (union memberships, pensions, etc.).


Co-Trustees, Brennan & Robin Thicke Willing to Go to Court to Save Dad, Alan's Estate


But, according to Brennan and Robin, Ms. Callau is saying that the prenup is invalid and unless the co-trustees agree to participate in mediation and give her everything she’s asking for, she’s threatening to take case to the tabloids and run Alan and their names in the mud.


She and her attorney, Adam Streisand say that none of this is true. But the attorney handling the estate, Mr. Alex Weingarten says that, “The co-trustees did everything they could to settle this out of court. I cannot speak for Ms. Callau and what she wanted, all I can say is that we did everything we could to settle this out of court but that it takes two to tango.”


Streisand tells Page Six that his client doesn’t want anything more than what Alan set out to give her.” He said the prenup would’ve given Callao 25 percent of the ranch, while the trust didn’t give her any part of it and requires her to pay 100 percent of the cost.” He is encouraging both sides sit down in family mediation to sort this out.


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"To be honest, I'm just winging far so good!" Rhonda
“To be honest, I’m just winging it…so far so good!” Rhonda



















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