Chelsea Houska: Teen Mom 2 Producers Are Liars!

At this point, Teen Mom 2 stars criticizing the show’s editors is a regular occurrence.

Just about every star of the show – including the lesser-known cast members – has complained about the way they’re portrayed and insisted that footage was cut and repurposed in a way that misleads the audience and creates a false narrative.

Hell, Jeremy Calvert threatened to expose producers in a weekly Instagram series.

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It never happened, likely because someone pointed out to him that it would be the most epic case of biting the hand that feeds you in recent history, but it still serves as an example of just how much these folks hate being misrepresented.

Earlier this week, Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea Houska both slammed MTV for what they claimed were deceptive editing practices.

Now, Chelsea is taking things a step further by claiming that producers convinced her to stage a scene for last week’s episode.

We see Chelsea calling her father to request information about Adam Lind’s child support payments, information that her father happily provides.

Chelsea is 25 years old, and it seems curious that her father would have access to her bank accounts.

Several fans pointed this out on Twitter, prompting Chelsea to defend herself by claiming that the scene was staged for purposes of clarifying her storyline

When another fan pointed out that it would be strange for her father to have access to her financial information, Chelsea replied.

“Well, yes it would be odd. That’s why he doesn’t have access to my bank account.”

While faking a scene sounds like a serious allegation, this is the sort of thing that goes on on the set of most reality shows.

And it’s not like Chelsea is claiming that editors manipulated footage in order to give viewers a false impression of what took place.

Although she did make such a claim earlier this week…

Criticized by fans for what seemed to see an unprovoked verbal attack against her mother, Chelsea explained that editors had cut out footage that would have shown what prompted her angered the fans.
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