Cheating Scandal For Tyler?!?!

Rumor has it that Tyler is cheating on Caitlin. That just can’t be true because they have been together since they were preteens. Plus they have been through a lot together, like giving up their first born for adoption. They do at least have an open adoption with Carly. It seems crazy to think that Tyler would ever cheat on Caitlin. He loves and cares about her a lot and they have a beautiful daughter, Nova. She’s also now pregnant with her third child. I’m so proud of both of them. They have come along way and they are great parents to Nova. She is such a doll.

In case you forgot, Catelynn Lowell Baltierra is from Marine City, Michigan. She is the birth mother of Carolynn “Carly” Elizabeth. Described as a smart and funny high school senior, she struggles to go back to her normal life after her emotional decision to place Carly for adoption. Catelynn is an integral part of the show, letting prospective teen moms know that there are options. She demonstrates that one can go on after becoming a “birth mom,” and being completely mature and selfless by choosing parents for her baby via adoption. Carly’s adoptive parents are Brandon and Theresa. Catelynn moves back home with her parents, but learns that her mother and stepfather, who is also the father of her boyfriend Tyler, have still not accepted her decision to place her daughter for adoption. During the season, Catelynn comes to terms with being a birth mother, moves in with Tyler and his mother when her mother and her stepfather move into an apartment in another city, and gets engaged to Tyler. She and Tyler both get tattoos in honor of their daughter.

Lowell gave birth to their second daughter, Novalee “Nova” Reign, on January 1, 2015.The couple were married on August 22, 2015.

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