‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Rumors: Doogie Howser Coming to Big Brother?!

 'Celebrity Big Brother' Rumors: Doogie Howser Coming to Big Brother?!

Celebrity Big Brother is finally happening in the U.S. During a live episode of Big Brother 19, Julie Chen announced that the U.S. would be airing a celebrity edition of the show this coming winter. This was welcome news for Big Brother fans.

 'Celebrity Big Brother' Rumors: Doogie Howser Coming to Big Brother?!

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There have been no official contestants announced for Celebrity Big Brother yet. Julie Chen has been honest when she said that the fans cannot expect any A-list celebrities to be part of the cast. However, there is a possibility of Neil Patrick Harris coming on board. Harris is a long time fan and has admitted to TV Guide that he has an unhealthy obsession with the show. He even appeared on the show for one day during Season 7. He has admitted that he would love to appear on the show. This winter is a light time for the gifted actor and would be an ideal time for him to appear on the show. It does not hurt that CBS has a great relationship with Harris. He appeared for 9 seasons of “How I Met Your Mother” and even has co-hosted on “The Talk” with Julie Chen. Harris has reported that he is at a point that he can pick and chose what projects he wants to do. Harris could bring serious star power to Celebrity Big Brother.

 'Celebrity Big Brother' Rumors: Doogie Howser Coming to Big Brother?!

I think he would be a wonderful contestant on Big Brother. I think that he would make it far on the show. He would be a welcome breath of fresh air and he knows how to play the game. What do you think?

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