Celebrity BB US, Will the ‘Walking Dead’ Enter the House?!

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Celebrity BB US, Will the 'Walking Dead' Enter the House?!

CBBUS spoilers reveal that producers want some big names to enter the house. We all know the Walking Dead and possibly one of the hottest names from TWD Norman Reedus might get some sleep in the BB house. We all know how busy Norman is aside from TWD he has other projects he is doing.

CBBUS is, of course, looking for all kinds of celebs, they want actors, models, musicians, reality tv stars and everything in between.

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The show loves drama and diversity so you might expect to see a Teen Mom or cast members from the Real Housewives. It is rumored that there are some big name actors being considered. They have hinted that someone from TWD could be on the show, but no name was revealed, but they say it will most likely be Norman Reedus aka Daryl Dixon.

Celebrity BB US, Will the 'Walking Dead' Enter the House?!

Norman is such a kind and giving man, he has a big heart. He might not be interested if the win is just about the money for himself. He possibly would consider if the money went to a good cause like helping people and communities that are in need.

So if Norman did CBBUS would the show change the way his fans see him? There is always division among the houseguests and sometimes there are hard decisions to be made in order to win.
That definitely gets reactions from viewers, who often take sides.

So how would the fans react if Norman had to do something shady to win the money for his charity.
Aside from TWD and his appearances Norman has a son to take care of, so how would that affect him? At this time we don’t know if producers have reached out to him yet, but CBBUS will definitely get a whole new fan base if Norman walks into the house!

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