Catelynn Lowell: Showered with Gifts by a Guilty Tyler Baltierra?!

For a few months now we’ve been hearing tons of rumors that the unthinkable has happened. We’ve been hearing rumors that Tyler Baltierra has been cheating on Catelynn Lowell.

Who would ever think that Tyler would cheat on Catelynn, that seems super crazy to even think about. Catelynn and Tyler have been together since they were teenagers and though they’ve been through some rough times, they’ve always seem to truly love each other.

It’s a very common thing for cheaters to buy their significant others very fancy gifts as it is their way to apology for cheating on them. But it also was Catelynn birthday last weekend and in her post about her new ring she thanked Tyler for “the best birthday ever.”

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Catelynn also posted a cheating meme with the picture. That takes us back to the cheating rumors. Whether he cheated or not, Catelynn and Tyler both seem to be having a lot of fun with all the cheating rumors. They keep making jokes about how he’s sleeping around and about how she’s the jilted wife.

Better watch out @tylerbaltierramtv 😂😂😱🤢🤢😷

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Many have turned a blind eye to the cheating by this significant other of another ‘Teen Mom’ because it doesn’t fit the story-line and it’s been crazy ever since. Now there is possibly a new piece of evidence that Tyler may have cheated on Catelynn.

Catelynn has been spotted wearing the killer ring Tyler recently got her. In a photo Catelynn posted in social media with the caption saying, “My husband is so sweet. A limited-edition Beauty and the Beast ring. For real how did I get so lucky?!?!?”

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