Casey Anthony, No Justice for Caylee!

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In my opinion, Casey Anthony is as guilty as Judas. I don’t understand how this sick woman got away with murder. According to her, she sleeps soundly every night. Oh, really! She is far too cold hearted to be called anyone’s mother. She’s an evil, twisted psychopath.

I’ll never forget how she responded when her parents told her that her sweet daughter’s body was found. She didn’t cry, she wasn’t overcome with grief nor was she shocked to learn of Caylee’s death. Who says “surprise, surprise, surprise, when learning that you’ve just lost your child!? Who!? Only Casey Anthony.

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Poor Caylee didn’t have a chance with this piece of work for a mother. How horrific it must have been for precious, little Caylee to watch the person she loved and trusted snuff the life out of her.

Her parents were not innocent either. They raised a monster. They spoiled her to the core. They must have had an idea that she wasn’t a good mother nor the golden child every parent prays for. They enabled her to be the nightmare she became. Even during the trial her mother was trying to justify her daughter’s murderous actions. She was willing to lie and take the blame for the searches of chloroform that Casey did online.

According to a new report detailed in a new book

Casey was doing searches on how to suffocate her baby with plastic. During the trial It was discovered that she used chloroform to drug the two year old. She put Caylee’s swimsuit on her. She placed the ladder onto the swimming pool. Without a hint of remorse or compassion. She placed baby Caylee’s tiny, limp body in the pool and finished her off. That is a murdering snake’s actions, not a mother’s

What she did next was only something a sick animal would do. She stuffed her baby in the trunk and drove for five days with that dead child in the trunk of her car. She then dumped the car at a lot and left her baby their to rot!

How the jury acquitted her of this blatant murder is beyond me. This woman told lie after lie to the police and anyone who would listen. Thanks to the incompetent jury, Casey Anthony was acquitted of killing her two year old Caylee in 2011.

They found little Caylee in the woods wrapped in her own blankie. Casey put duct tape on her mouth and nose. This was beyond overkill. The little stickers she placed on her mouth must have been Casey’s idea of motherly love!!

On June 16, 2008, the Anthony’s hired author, Dominic Casey, who was a detective when this horrific event occurred. They sought him out to find Caylee’s remains.

The new book is titled “Privilege Waived II – Remember Me.” The Anthony’s hired him five months after baby Caylee’s death. Why would they hire a detective when the culprit was sitting in jail!? They could have just asked Ms. surprise, surprise

where she dumped her baby girl.

The book is a three part series and it is available on Amazon. (Excerpts from the book)

“[Casey Anthony] had changed Caylee into her bathing suit,” the detective writes in his book. “She walked her into the backyard and hooked the ladder onto the pool platform. [Casey Anthony] guided Caylee up the ladder to the pool then maliciously drowned her

According to the book, Casey Anthony searched online for “fool proof suffocation,” suffocation by plastic bag, and “heated wires can melt disposable breathing circuits” on the day of Caylee’s death. She then allegedly logged into her Facebook page and shut off her phone for half an hour around the time that Caylee died.

She pulled Caylee out of the pool and carried her through the side gate and into the garage, the book says. She then allegedly placed the body into the trunk of the car, leaving it there for five days.

By the fifth night, “body fluids had leaked out from the black garbage bags into the laundry bag, the trunk and onto Mama Doll, [Casey Anthony’s] clothes, her black boots and the white trash bag,” Casey wrote.

I guess the jury never got their hands on this treasure trove of incriminating information!

It’s very disturbing to know there Casey is still out there free as a bird and allowed to breathe the air she stole from Caylee. I’ve read that she plans to adopt or have another baby. They should have made this mad woman sterile. I detest what she did but, I pray that someday she confesses what she did to her innocent child. God have mercy on her. RIP Caylee Anthony.

Written by Susie P

“Health is wealth” Susie


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