Car Theft on Josh Duggar’s Watch?!

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He’s a complicated man, however, Josh Duggar has been doing the best he can to support his family by selling used cars after his stint on his family’s reality TV show came to an ugly end. Apparently, he knows the job very well – but, something went terribly wrong on his watch, which wasn’t part of his plan. During a test drive for a potential customer, the dude somehow managed to steal it but how?! The famed on-line magazine, “Radar Online” published the info regarding what they perceived took place.


Car Theft on Josh Duggar's Watch?!

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What the hell happened on Josh Duggar’s watch?!


Well, someone that knows the Duggar family very well stated that Josh had no choice but to sell used cars to make ends meet and that’s exactly what he is doing.


The “insider” continued with the explanation stating that Josh, including his spouse, Anna Duggar are in deep doodoo, aka debt since his job is their only source of revenue at this current time. We often wonder why Josh doesn’t ask his parents for help – or perhaps they are angry due to the trouble their son has caused. In either case, Josh and Anna are having a tough time feeding their 4 children – not to mention the 5th baby that Anna is carrying. Anna was only seen on the Duggar’s reality show once in a blue moon, meaning, not very often, however, Josh has been banned from the show and will no longer be seen.


Whoever this so called “source” is, he or she continued about Josh and explained in detail about one very urgent piece of info that he simply forgot to do – which caused the test driver to steal the car – now as most of us know, when we test drive any car from a dealership, we are required to show our license so the salesman can jot down the info – but, that was the huge mistake Mr. Duggar made. He allowed the dude to take off in the car (by himself) and never returned the car back to the lot. Perhaps this is how things are done in Arkansas but not in other states, such as California. Well the guy just decided to steal the car after driving it off the lot. As I mentioned above, salesmen normally ride with the customer while conducting the test drive but this time, Josh lost his marbles and didn’t go.


Car Theft on Josh Duggar's Watch?!


But wait! There’s more – and you won’t believe this one. A fellow co-worker, who was also on the lot before the dude proceeded to take the car out to test it – had some kind of gun in his own vehicle. This other salesman had previously purchased the gun from the dude who stole the car for just $70, but he later realized that the gun he bought was also stolen or perhaps unregistered, and sadly, it was used during a robbery. The weapon he bought was part of a crime scene of “aggravated assault” which apparently took place much earlier that same day – this was all allegedly recorded in an actual report taken by the local police. We do not yet know the exact details of what took place, however, it was a very bad issue for both Josh and his co-worker; as either of them could have easily been shot.


This story gets more bizarre by the minute. The bad dude who allegedly committed this terrible crime chose this dealership to swap his car for the one he stole right off the lot. He had the nerve to drive a car, which had already been stolen from some other location in the state of Oklahoma. Whoa! What a horrendous situation for Josh to be involved in – and, it appears that, for the time being, the Duggar clan isn’t saying one word, however, you can bet that Josh was in total shock and just couldn’t figure out how this could possibly happen to him. As we all know, the fans are dying to find out exactly what happened from Josh himself, but he is no longer a part of his family’s business so he can’t really say anything.


Wow! What a scary situation for anyone to be in, especially Josh Duggar. We are just so very glad that no one got hurt.


Written by: Renee Barbee

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