Captain Georgiou Haunts Discovery!

Captain Georgiou Haunts Discovery!

Fans of Michelle Yeoh were ecstatic when they discovered that she would be on CBS’s new show “Star Trek: Discovery”, however, they were very upset when her character. Captain Phillipa Georgiou, was killed by Klingon leader, T’Kumva in the second part of the series Premiere, titled”Battle At The Binary Stars.”

Captain Georgiou Haunts Discovery!

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During New York’s Comic Con’s Q&A session, an audience member asked about Michelle Yeoh returning to “Star Trek: Discovery.” It turns out that the person asking was Yeoh in disguise. She jumped up on stage to discuss her adventures in the series and she said,”So, I am not going to let you keep me away. I’m going to haunt you all the time.” Producer Gretchen J. Berg promised, “You will see more of this woman on the show.”

Episode 4 delivered more of Captain Georgiou as promised. When Michael Burnham receives a package aboard the ship, it contained her last will and testament. Michelle Yeoh appeared in the episode as a hologram to Michael. She gave Michael sage advice, informed Michael that she thought of her more as a daughter, and left her a family heirloom. The heirloom was an old telescope.

Captain Georgiou Haunts Discovery!

Will Georgiou appear again? Will it be as anotherhologram or as a ghost? I think if she appears again, it will be more of flashbacks to assist Michael in whatever situation she finds herself in. Whatever capacity she appears, will it ever be enough for her fans?

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