Melissa Gorga: How to be Swimsuit Savvy

Melissa Gorga wants to get me into a bikini! Great, I think, “Is she sharing her plastic surgeon’s name and number??” No, it turns out that’s not the case. I actually have to work at it. Melissa shares some tips with viewers on how to pick the perfectly-suited to you swimsuit. Melissa claims she has […]

‘RHOC’: Who Gets Iced Out in Iceland?!

If this season of RHOC has been under-whelming for you thus far, you may be ready to change your tune. In the latest episode, we see Lydia invite all the ladies to the always-exciting; always drama-filled; never paid for out of their own bank accounts; eagerly-awaited group trip. This year’s adventure will take the girls […]

New Couple Alert: Bella & Drake

A new celebrity coupling may be in the works as rumors swirl that power-model Bella Hadid and rapper Drake took their friendship to the next level. Speculation began as Drake attended Bella’s 21st birthday bash in NYC. Apparently, the A-list soiree was attended by the likes of Bella’s super-model sister Gigi Hadid, fellow rapper Travis […]

Larger Than Life Powerhouse of a Movie Producer Ousted ?!

The larger-than-life powerhouse of a movie producer and co-founder of The Weinstein Company, Harvey Weinstein, was been ousted by his Board of Directors this past Sunday October 8th 2017. At first, he was merely taking a self-imposed hiatus, but that has been parlayed into his actual firing. This comes after the NY Times exposed “numerous […]