‘Big Brother” Spoilers: Did the #BB19 House Get Shook Up While The Cameras Were Down?!

It seems while live feeds were down BB had a special eviction which we should see on tonight’s episode. So who went home, who’s the new HOH. According to a reputable source, votes were split for eviction and Josh broke the tie sending Alex to Jury. That leaves Christmas, Josh, Kevin and Paul in the […]

“Big Brother 19” Spoilers: Paul Abrahamian Bitch Slapping His Way to $500k!

Bullying isn’t missing from this Big Brother season that’s for sure. Many would argue that Paul has largely been the mastermind behind all of the bullying this season. Now it looks like he finally pulled the string and decided to do some of his own bullying. So Paul thinks it’s OK to slap Josh in […]