‘Teen Mom OG’: Tyler Gets Slammed By Fans for Sexualizing Children!!

  This season of Teen Mom OG has seen the Baltierras start a children’s clothing line that they named Tierra Reign. Tyler designs the clothing himself and a local seamstress brings his ideas to life. The clothing is not actually for sale just yet but the couple have been promoting them on social media for […]

‘Teen Mom 2’: Adam Lind Brags About Drugs…Risks Custody of Daughter?!

The past is coming back to bite Adam Lind in the butt in his custody battle with his ex-girlfriend, Taylor Halbur. He recently asked for unsupervised visitation with his three year old daughter, Paislee, and Taylor is doing everything in her power to block him from getting his way. Recently Adan was high on meth […]

Teen Mom 2: Leah’s Ex Unplugs From Social Media!!

Leah Messer has had a roller-coaster relationship with her ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert. Their communication has never been great, even during their marriage, and it got a lot worse after their divorce in 2014. The pair struggle to co-parent their 4 year old daughter Addie and many of their struggles are rooted in Jeremy’s job which […]

Adam Lind’s Dark Secrets; Meth, Abuse and Killing Puppies!

In April, it was reported that Lind failed a court-ordered drug test, having a “substantial” amount of meth in his system. The test was administered right before he was set to pick up his youngest daughter Paislee for the weekend. Because of this decision Adam’s visitation rights for Paislee are suspended indefinitely. Court documents show […]