“DWTS”: Trio Night Brilliant, Sexy, and Hot!!!

Tuesday night episode of Dancing with the Stars was amazing. The opening number from the pros was brilliant, sexy, and hot. I cannot wait until the summer tour.   Is anyone surprised by Bonner and Sharna elimination? I am not, however the comments from the judges were not very nice nor were the comments appropriate. […]

“Most Memorable Year” #DWTS Oh, What a Night it Was

Oh, what a night it was. Last night episode of Dancing with the Stars was my favorite. The theme of the night was Most Memorable Year for the celebrities. I absolutely love when we get to know a little bit more about the celebrities. I love watching their stories, seeing their emotions, their breathtaking dances, […]

“Dancing With The Stars” Recap: The First Cut Is the Hardest

Who was the first couple to get eliminated from Dancing with the Stars? The first couple to get eliminated was Chris Kattan and Witney Carson. Chris Kattan’s journey came to an end last night on Dancing with the Stars. Chris’s journey on the show was very emotional, inspiring, and heartbreaking. I have watched Chris on […]