UPDATE: Is This The End For “Bachelor in Paradise”?

More information seems to be spilling out on what exactly stopped production on “BIP”. What we do know for certain is production is stopped, and the cast has been sent home. Trouble seems to have started when a producer allegedly witnessed a drunken sexual encounter between Corinne Olympios and Demario Jackson. The producer felt Corinne […]

Bachelor in Paradise the Filming Has Stopped!

“Bachelor in Paradise” Filming Stopped! Season 4 production has been stopped over allegations of misconduct. The first new episode was supposed to air August 8. ABC & Warner Brothers are conducting a thorough investigation into the allegations. The initial cast along with Chris Harrison arrived in Mexico last week and had only begun filming. Although […]

“BIP”: Cast Announced…Get Your Suntan Lotion Ready!

Season 4 is just around the corner, “BIP” will air August 8th on ABC. This show takes the best and the worst of the bachelor and bachelorette franchises and mixes all that dysfunction in with sun, sand, and loads of alcohol, served up by everyone’s favorite bartender and sometimes counselor Jorge. All this leads to […]

“90 Day Fiancé” Couple Expecting 1st Child!

“90 Day Fiancé” Couple from Season 3, Melanie and Devar Walters are expecting their first child together later this year. Melanie has a son, Hunter, from a previous relationship. Devar is now attending school for underwater welding, but lives on campus in New Jersey 4 nights a week. Family has not always supported the couple, […]

Happily Ever After or Not: Porn scandal threatens “90 Day Fiancé” Couple

“90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After” season 2 premieres June 25th, 8 PM on TLC. The show will continue to follow 5 couples from the original show “90 Day Fiancé”. This season will catch us up on what happens after they marry and the problems they face. The first couple and the more than likely […]

“Bachelor In Paradise”: Season 4 Has Begun Filming!

  “Bachelor in Paradise” season 4 will premiere August 8th on ABC. Filming has started on Mexico’s Pacific coast at Playa Escondida Resort near Sayulita, Mexico. Like previous seasons somewhere around 30 contestants will attempt to find love in paradise, starting with the usual 15 – 17 men and women to start. The show is […]

“Married at First Sight”: Another Expert Chosen Couple Calls It Quits!

  “Married at First Sight” is currently airing its 5th season, which this time is taking place is Chicago. But, it was just announced that the last of the three couples from season 4, Tom Wilson and Lillian Vilchez have decided to divorce. “Married at First Sight” puts the cart before the horse and features […]

Olivia Newton-John Battling Cancer Again!

  Singer, song writer and actress Olivia Newton-John cancels June tour dates in North America.     She had previously postponed earlier dates after experiencing back pain. The pain has turned out to be associated with breast cancer that has metastasized in her sacrum. The sacrum is a large triangle shaped bone located at the […]

“Return to Amish”: Sabrina High Facing Legal Trouble Again?!

  “Return to Amish”: Sabrina High Facing Legal Trouble Again?!   Sabrina High, 26, now calling herself Sabrina Burkholder was released from jail in Pennsylvania after serving 10 days. She was once again caught with drugs in her possession. She pled guilty to 3 separate drug charges. These charges will not help her in regaining […]

“Southern Charm Savannah”: Ashley Borders…Vixen, Victim or Both?!

  Ashley Borders, 32, the resident drama queen of Savannah, was born and raised in the historic Georgian city. She had wanderlust and drive at a young age. Starting her own design line at age 16, then after graduating Wofford College in South Carolina in 2004, she followed her dreams, which took her not only […]