“Big Brother Canada” News: GRLOL Interviews Dillon Carman…Find Out What He Was Truly Thinking!

  Cam: Hi Dillon!   Dillon: Hey, hey, how are you?!   Cam: I’m good! How do you truly feel about Karen betraying you?   Dillon: It doesn’t mean anything to me like you know, Big Brother is a game and she made a game move. So she thought it was going to better her […]

“Dance Moms”: Abby Lee Speaks!

The day after Abby Lee Miller was sentenced by a federal judge to 366 days in federal prison, ordered to pay a $40,00 fine, $120,000 money judgment and after serving jail time an additional two years supervision after being charged with bankruptcy fraud and bringing unreported $120,000 foreign currency into the United States, she appeared […]

Vanderpump Rules; A Baby On The Way?

As we know, Tom Schwartz & Katie Maloney were married back in Aug 2016. With that whole crazy, but fun crew of bridesmaids, groomsmen & groomslady, did we think Tequila Katie & Schwartzy would make it down the aisle?! No! Well, to be fair, some did & some didn’t. Me, I’m one that didn’t because they do fight a ton, but happy to see they did! The start of the gorgeous $50k ‘woodsy’ wedding, that LVP officiated, was seen tonight on the Vanderpump Rules part 1 of 2 (part 1 aired March 20th and part 2 airs next Monday night, March 27th) season finale episodes on Bravo! Let’s just hope it stays uneventful, without all the huge fights. So now, let’s fast forward to yesterday & this pic from Tom’s Snapchat…

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Could this be a hint that they’re already expecting? They were on WWHL Monday night that aired after Vanderpump Rules season finale part 1 of 2 & the premiere Sweet Home Oklahoma (another show that’s great fun and I would highly recommend you check out!) and no big announcements was made. Both Katie and Tom wore wedding ‘inspired’ clothing. Tom even wore his wedding tux jacket! Katie wore a gorgeous, what looked like a body hugging dress that was ‘bunchy’ (is that a word?!) in the tummy area so, it was hard to tell. Trust me, I was looking oh so close, checking Katie out to see if a baby bump could be seen, what she was wearing and if they would make the ‘big announcement’. I was mostly checking out what Katie was wearing and not paying attention to what they were saying though! Unfortunately, she was sitting the whole time so, I wasn’t able to tell if there is a baby bump to report about…yet! With Tom’s Snapchat picture, how’s a girl to know what’s really going on?!
As far as Katie’s fashion, she did dish to People Style all about her $15k gorgeous dress that she bought at the famous ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ TLC show that features Kleinfeld Bridal Store in New York City. Some of her family & bridesmaids, including Stassi Schroeder, Kristin Doute, and Scheana Marie, all joined in on the dress shopping fun. Does this mean we’ll see them on an episode of the TLC show? I hope so! According to the article, ‘After trying on five other dresses, she knew she had a winner when the stylist brought out her Zuhair Murad long-sleeve lace design. The designer is beloved by celebrities, such as Jennifer Lopez, Adele, Chrissy Teigen and more.’. She added, “The minute I put it on there were goosebumps all over,” she tells PeopleStyle. “I thought, ‘This is it. This is the dress I’m going to marry Tom in.’ You just know. I had such a visceral reaction it was awesome.” and she says she did try on a few others to be sure, but says her dress just “felt” like her. “The lace and the detail was so perfect,” she says. “It felt like it was vintage, unique and special.”. The dress was unique and to me so Katie and with it being $15k, I sure am glad she had the goosebumps!

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