‘Big Brother 19′ News’: Meet BB19 Houseguest Jillian Parker!

Jillian Parker sells timeshares in Las Vegas so it’s safe to say that she knows something about dealing with diverse personalities. Her sunny disposition is exactly what she hopes will benefit her in the Big Brother house. “I’m gonna be more of a personable, sociable player. Not so much physical. But I’m definitely going to […]

Fan Favorites From ‘Survivor’ and ‘Big Brother’ To Appear On Candy Crush!!

Fan favorites from Survivor and Big Brother are set to join forces as contestants on the first episode of Candy Crush! Those faves include former Survivor castaways Kelley Wentworth and Joe Anglim. Along side them, Woo Hwang and Jeremy Collins will also be joining the cast.   BB16 Houseguests Caleb Reynolds and Frankie Grande are […]

“Big Brother 19” Spoilers: Watch Out For These 5 Houseguests!!

There is less than a week until Big Brother 19 officially starts, and we have already, be it very briefly, met the 16 houseguests moving in. As all fans knows, not every houseguest is a star. There are the plenty of floaters. But this season, there seems to be 5 houseguests who have already separated themselves from […]

‘Big Brother 19’ News Houseguest Lives Exposed: Raven Walton

Why Raven Walton Is Going To Fight Tooth And Nail For $500,000! Raven suffers from a rare genetic disorder ONLY 2,000 others suffer from world-wide that paralyzed her digestive system. It’s a disease one doctor said she would not be able to beat. “We live and we die that’s life we can’t escape that. Yes […]

“Big Brother 19″Spoilers: Juicy Twitter Spoilers Continue to Roll In!

As the season gets closer, spoilers are starting to roll in. For the past few weeks, fans have been anxiously waiting for a teaser of what’s to come. Twitter, as usual, is a crazy rumor mill. It’s tough to say what’s true and what’s not. But if you’re interest in possible spoilers – keep reading […]

‘Big Brother 19’ BREAKING News: CBS is Finally Announcing the Houseguests…GET EXCITED!!

It’s almost summertime and with summer come Big Brother! On Monday, June 19 at 11:00 am EST, Big Brother fans will finally meet the cast of Season 19. Just like in season past, former houseguest Jeff Schroeder (BB11 and BB13) will once again introduce each new houseguest to fans over the live feeds. So get […]