#BB19 News: #Friendship vs Enemies Paul is Walking a Thin Line Inside and Oustside the BB19 House!!

Last year, Paul Abrahamian was a fan and houseguest favorite. This year, not so much. Last year, on Big Brother 18, Paul preached “friendship”. This year, Paul has preached the opposite of friendship, and it has left a sour taste in houseguests (past and present) mouths. Once given 4 weeks of safety by America, Paul […]

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: What is the Temptation Competition and Who Won?

On July 27, 2017, during the live eviction show, Julie announced a new competition that will take place over the next 3 weeks. This competition is the “Temptation Competition”. The Temptation Competition will take place on Fridays, before nominations, but it won’t air until the Sunday episode of Big Brother, much like the Roadkill competition […]