Big Brother 19 Rumors: Is Cody Going To Self Evict If Jessica Leaves The House?!

With the game at the halfway point, houseguests’ gameplay has really intensified as $500,000 is on the line. Last week, BB19 Showmance couple Cody and Jessica were on the block. But, on eviction night Jessica used her Halting Hex Temptation stopping the eviction saving both nominees. Josh became the next Head of Household. As HOH, […]

Survivor News: Is Someone Suggesting Jeff Probst Leave “Survivor”

  For the past 17 years and 35 seasons, Jeff Probst has been the iconic host of Survivor here in the United States. But, that may be in jeopardy thanks to someone he’s really close too. According to an article on Radar Online, Lisa Russell, who Jeff Married back in 2011, wants him home permanently. An insider […]

“Big Brother 19” Spoilers: Which #BB19 Houseguest Entered the Den of Temptation?!

So far in the first week of Big Brother 19, a lot has happened. First, Kevin, received $25,000, Paul entered the game, and Cameron was the first houseguest booted… on night one. Then on episode two, Cody became the first head of household and Josh earned safety by grabbing the golden apple during the HOH […]

“Big Brother 19” Breaking News: #BB19 Houseguest Megan Lowder Self Evicts!!!

  Big Brother live feeders we have Major breaking news! Megan has decided to self-evict from the Big Brother house. This according to It has been a rocky road for Megan inside the Big Brother 19 house. First, she almost got evicted from the game when she got eliminated in a competition in episode […]

“Big Brother 19” News: Everything You Need To Know About #BB19 Before Tonight’s Premiere Show!!

  Tonight is the night we all been waiting for. The Premiere of Big Brother 19 Premiere. But, before you watch the 2 hr episode, here is what you need to know. The Houseguests For the next 3 months, the 16 houseguests will live inside the house competing for $500,000. Luckily, for the fans watching at home, […]

Big Brother 19 Rumors/Spoilers: Evidence Piling Up Showing Paul Abrahamian May Be the 17th Houseguest on #BB19?!?!

On Monday, the cast of Big Brother 19 was released to the viewing public. But is that really all the houseguests entering the Big Brother house? Social media has been exploding the past couple days, There seems to be a VERY good trail leading back to #BB18 player Paul Abrahamian returning to the house?! Here is […]