Celebrity Big Brother Episode 3 2-9-18 Recap

So far, on Celebrity Big Brother, 11 houseguests entered to win the $250,000 grand prize and the honor of being the first  U.S. Celebrity Big Brother champion. Moments after entering the house, an argument started between Brandi and James Maslow in the kitchen that had them heated. Shannon won the first Head of Household Competition while Omarosa […]

#CBBUS Celebrity Big Brother Episode 2 Recap: 2/9/17

Celebrity Big Brother Episode 2: 2/9/17 On the last episode of Big Celebrity Big Brother, 11 houseguests entered the first ever Celebrity Big Brother house. After just moving into the house, there was a huge argument between Brandi and James Maslow over singing lessons. Right before the first Head of Household Competition, Omarosa got the […]

Love is In The Air Between Challenge Vet Bananas and Natalie from BB18?!

This Tuesday on MTV, the Challenge will premiere its 31st season. This season, 30 competitors from the Real World, Road Rules, Are You The One, and now Big Brother will travel to Prague, the Czech Republic in search of the title of Challenge Champion. During the season, we expect there to be fights, challenge defeats, and […]

TAR News: Get Ready for Season 30 of The Amazing Race!

Are you ready to race around the world? This season marks “The Amazing Race” 30th season as one of CBS’s hit reality shows. Some big changes will be made to the format of the show. “The Amazing Race” will be premiering Wednesday,  January 3, 2018, lasting approximately 7 weeks. Each episode will air on Wednesdays […]

**SPOILERS*** The Challenge: Dirty 30 News: Where was Camila?

The Challenge: Dirty 30 News: Where was Camila? This season on “The Challenge: Dirty 30”, 30 of the most ruthless players in the show’s history participated in one of the dirtiest games ever. Now after several challenges and eliminations, only six players remain. For the guys, it is CT, Derrick K, and Jordan. For the girls, […]

Survivor 35 Episode 8: “Playing with the Devil” Recap: 11/15/17

Last night on “Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers”, 11 castaways remain in the hunt for the million dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor. After Jessica was voted out unexpectedly, the Healer tribe were down to only 4 players remaining, along with the Heroes. On day 20, while fixing the roof of the […]

“Challenge” Vet Introduces Us To Her Family!

Congratulations are in order for “Challenge” vet and Real World Campus Crawl Alumni Rachel Robinson and her new family. Recently, Rachel and her partner Natalie Gee introduced twin boys into the world. On October 18, 2017, Natalie posted this to her Instagram page. 👋🏽Please meet our sons, the Gee-Robinson Boys. There are absolutely no words to […]

Survivor 35 Episode 5 “The Past Will Eat You Alive” Recap

Survivor 35 Episode 5 “The Past Will Eat You Alive” Recap Last week on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, the 15 remaining castaways were split into three new tribes each with 5 people. In the first reward challenge as new tribes, the new Yawa tribe won while the other two tribes were left with […]

Famous Talk Show Host Dr. Phil Hits Skateboarder

Dr. Phil Hits Skateboarder According to TMZ, Dr. Phil McGraw, the famous talk show host, reportedly hit skateboarder Terrence Bembury Friday afternoon. The Skateboarder told Dr. Phil that he was okay and then told police that he was not okay. The police suggested he go to the hospital by ambulance but he declined. He went on […]

Survivor 35 Episode 3 “My Kisses are Very Private” Recap

On last night’s episode of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, the hustlers’ tribe were reflecting on some of the comments that were said at Tribal Council regarding Patrick. At Tribal Council, his comment was “I trust…most of the people.” Knowing that his tail was on the line, Patrick was in search of a hidden […]

NFL Coach Caught Snorting Cocaine

Miami Dolphins offensive line coach Chris Foerster was reported snorting a white powdery substance which is probably cocaine. As the video was posted all over social media. As of today, this is what Foerster has to say: “I am resigning from my position with the Miami Dolphins and accept full responsibility for my actions,” Foerster, 55, said […]

BREAKING NEWS: Survivor Star Arrested!

Breaking News Survivor Fans! A 2-time Survivor fan! Kat Edorsson, who first appeared on Survivor: One World and then played a second time on Survivor: Blood vs. Water with fellow BB contestant Hayden Moss was arrested on a battery charge according to TMZ. Authorities say that this last Saturday, Orlando PD was called to Edorsson’s apartment […]

Why Was The Super Not Used On “Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers”?!

Why Was The Super Not Used On “Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers?” This past Wednesday was the premiere of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. During opening moments of the premiere Ryan, of the Hustlers tribe found a secret advantage that contained a “Super Idol.” This super idol can be used after the votes […]

“Survivor”: S35E01 Recap “I’m Not Crazy, I’m Confident”

“Survivor”: S35E01 Recap “I’m Not Crazy, I’m Confident” Welcome to another season of Survivor. This is Survivor’s 35th season. In this edition, 18 castaways are marooned in Fiji for the next 39 days. As always, they must learn to adapt or they will be voted out. In the end, one will remain and walk away […]

Here’s what we know about Survivor 35

On Wednesday, September 27, 18 castaways will be divided into three tribes that either represent Heroes, Healers, and Hustlers. These castaways must learn to adapt or they will be voted out. After 39 days, the last castaway left standing will be named the “Sole Survivor” and will walk away with $1,000,000. However, there are twists […]