Duggar Sisters Lose Lawsuits Against In Touch Weekly Magazine

Jill, Jessa, Jinger and Joy, lost their lawsuit against Bauer Publishing (the parent company of In Touch Weekly). The lawsuit was because In Touch Weekly published the story about the girls’ brother, Josh, molesting them. The girls said the documents shouldn’t have been published with their names so the public wouldn’t know their identities. I […]

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo Being Pressured to Have a Baby by Family?!

As we all know the Duggars don’t believe in using contraceptives,that children are a gift, a blessing from God. While I believe children are a blessing and a gift from God…maybe it will happen in God’s time, not the Duggars. Jinger and Jeremy are living their lives their way (which I see nothing wrong with). […]

Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Vuolo Announce They are Are Helping Children With Incarcerated Parents

Jeremy and his wife Jinger are a wonderful Christian couple. As many of us know they are almost always in the headlines! Jinger because her husband Jeremy (which is a Pastor I might add), allows Jinger to wear pants, shorts, high heels…which she even wore while living at home. Not the pants and shorts but […]

Are The Johnstons Headed For A Divorce?!!

The Johnstons who we met back when the TLC series first premiered in 2015 are described as “the world’s largest family of achondroplasia dwarfs.” The family has seemed to win over the hearts of many since then. Trent and Amber Johnston have five children however, only two are biological and three have been adopted. Jonah […]

Jana Duggar’s Rumored Man Doesn’t Follow Typical Courtship Rules

Is another Duggar girl getting ready to say “I do?” Recently, Jana Duggar, the eldest Duggar girl is the center of the latest Duggar rumor saying that she is courting a man that in unknown to fans. This mystery man has been seen in many recently uploaded family photos. This is something fans have been […]

Michelle Duggar Went From Wearing Nothing But A Bikini To Banning Pants In Her Home!

How do you imagine Michelle Duggar, the mother of 19 as a teenager? You would probably imagine long skirts and dresses covering up most of her skin but as it turns out, Michelle dressed quite a bit different than the way that her own teenage daughters dress. In high school, Michelle wore very short skirts […]

Johannah and Mackynzie Duggar Have Their Birthday Lunch Early!

Recently, the Duggar girls spent some time celebrating both Johannah and Mackynzie’s birthdays. Although Mackynzie’s Birthday was yesterday and Johannah’s Birthday is on the eleventh of October, the Duggar girls decided to celebrate earlier. To celebrate, they went out on a lunch date. However there are many fans who noticed that the Duggar girls have […]

Jon Gosselin’s Mom Attacks Kate’s Parenting Skills!

The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star’s girlfriend recently made headlines for creating a GoFundMe page to help him pay off family court fees after the bitter custody battle he went through with his ex wife, Kate Gosselin. Now Gosselin’s mother, Pamela, is creating waves for speaking out against her former daughter-in-law, making terrible […]

Duggar Sisters Triumph in First Lawsuit Hearing

The Duggar Sister lawsuit battle continues. Hearings have begun in federal court. There is a request for this case to go to trial. In May 2017, four of the Duggar sisters Jill, Jessa, Jinger and Joy Anna filed a lawsuits against Springdale Arkansas and its county for releasing redacted police documentation providing proof that eldest […]