Is Miracle Child Josie Duggar’s Health Still Suffering From Premature Birth?

In late 2009, the last Duggar child arrived into the world. Baby Josie was born premature at 25 weeks with lots of spunk despite her size. The mega religious family’s matriarch, Michelle Duggar, struggled with preeclampsia through the short pregnancy. Josie required an intensive NICU stay as she grew outside the womb. Michelle received much […]

Newlyweds Kendra And Joseph Duggar Building Beautiful Home As They Start A Family!

What is so nice about the Duggar family is when one has a very special event in their lives…there’s sure to be a family member to support them along the way. And so it goes for newlyweds Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar who have only been married a short time after a brief courtship. Joseph […]

PREGNANT AGAIN?! Latest Photo Shocks Jill Dillard Fans As Husband Derick Begs Fans For Money!

It seems as if your name is Duggar or Dillard or Seewald…one thing is for certain and that is controversy is sure to follow. Jill Duggar and her husband Derick Dillard just welcomed their son Samuel into the world in July and made their family of three…a family of four. The couple made a recent […]

DUGGAR CONTROVERSY! Joy Anna And Austin Stir Up Major Outrage From Followers Over Family Camp!

You know there’s still so many people on social media that seem to enjoy bashing and ridiculing the Duggar family no matter what they do. Controversy first began with 19-year old Joy Anna and her 23-year old husband Austin Forsyth when they announced their pregnancy and followers said she was much further along based upon […]

This Week The Roloff’s Welcome a New Little Person to Their Big World!

This Week The Roloff’s Welcome a New Little Person to Their Big World. Amy Roloff shares all the details about their baby’s birth, “Their little girl, Ember Jean Roloff, weighed in at 7.13 lbs and was born on Sunday, September 10, at 9:40 a.m.” The couple could not be more excited to welcome this little […]

FANS OUTRAGED! Josh Duggar Offers Relationship Advice At Kendra And Joe’s Wedding!

  The families and friends of the Duggar clan all gathered together once again as son Joe married his sweetheart Kendra Caldwell last Friday in a beautiful ceremony. What took many by surprise was the attendance of both Anna and Josh Duggar. Anna because she is so pregnant and due at any moment, many didn’t […]

Jessa Duggar Posts Video of Spurgeon Causing Fans to Ask If He Can Talk Yet?!

Who doesn’t love to post adorable videos on social media of their babies and other small children?! Well, in this case, Jessa – being as young as she is, most likely thought that her cute, sweet and adorable video post of “Spurgeon” her first born son, was just that – purely innocent, which Jessa (Duggar) […]

**BREAKING NEWS** Joy-Anna Duggar Is Expecting Her First Child!

Well, those rumors about Joy-Anna already pregnant have now become factual. Yes in deed, another Duggar baby is in progress. Joy-Anna and her newly wed hubby, Austin are expecting their first bambino – in other words baby. Joy-Anna, also a reality celeb on her families TV show “Counting On” spoke to PEOPLE magazine and gave […]

Joseph Duggar Getting Married to Kendra Caldwell Tomorrow?!

Well, Joeseph has been engaged to his fiance, Kendra Caldwell for the last few months, however they never really indicated the actual date of their wedding. Well, as usual, its now been rumored that this happy couple is planning to get married on Saturday, the 26th of this month! The infamous on line magazine referred […]

Duggar Family In Major Trouble Regarding Private Plane, Josh Duggar Refuses To Help Wife Deplane?!

Duggar Family In Hot Water Over Private Aircraft, Josh Duggar Gets Flak After Failing To Help Wife Deplane As we all know family members from the Duggar household and those who are married and live elsewhere are constantly on the go – and, just a week or two ago, they were in the “spotlight” as […]