“Long Island Medium” Separation Details!

“Long Island Medium” Theresa Caputo recently announced she and her husband, Larry, have decided to separate after 28 years. This news left fans asking many questions, specifically wondering what really happened between the couple. Looking back, it seems Theresa and Larry may have dropped a few hints to viewers during the course of the show […]

Anna Duggar and Her Twitter Fans

Anna Duggar posted a family picture saying Merry CHRISTmas, being sure to emphasize CHRIST in Christmas. Just my opinion, I don’t see anything wrong with what she did especially since CHRIST is what Christmas is all about. Some fans, however, thought Anna to be hypocritical, given her husband Josh’s history of sexual abuse and infidelity. […]

“90 Day Fiance”: Jason Hitch and Cassia Tavares

“90 Day Fiancé” Jason and Cassia are separated right now. Jason is planning to file for a divorce. The couple says it’s over for good this time. Jason was arrested for domestic battery against Cassia. That doesn’t sound good! A year after his arrest Jason shares what happened. He claims he explained to the police […]

The Truth About Jill Duggar’s Son Comes Out

The Duggar clan is known for their embracing of large families and lots of children. However, sometimes getting those little ones here can be fraught with trouble, even for the productive Duggars. By now, fans of the Duggars and their most current show ‘Counting On’ likely are familiar with Jill Duggar and Derick Dillards’ youngest […]

Former ‘Counting On’ Stars Jill and Derick Dillard…Feuding with Their Famous Duggar Family?!

Most ALL of the married Duggars made a video congratulating Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo on their pregnancy….except Jill and Derick wasn’t part of the video! It’s being reported that the Dillards made their own separate video to the Vuolo’s, despite living so close to the big Duggar family. It has sparked rumors that the couple […]

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo are Expecting their First baby! See Jeremy’s Beautiful Tribute to Jinger!

Jeremy always treats Jinger like a princess and their love for each other shows! They have that special lover’s glow when they look at each other, you can just see it in their eyes! Jeremy seems extra affectionate now that they are expecting their first child and he wants everyone to know how he feels […]

Jim Bob Duggar’s Wedding Ring Thing!

Everyone looking for inconsistencies in Duggar behavior as compared to what everyone “thinks” Christians believe has led to looking at such minutiae as what sort of wedding ring Jim Bob is wearing these days. Could it be a tattoo? Nope. Here’s another view, where Jim Bob is wearing a dark colored ring, as opposed to […]

2018 Babies…Reality TV Stars Who Is Expecting and When?!

Let’s have a look and see which reality stars will be coming parents this year. January- Kim Kardashian via suggorate. (Keeping Up With the Kardashians) DawnCherie Wikerson. (Rich in Faith) February- Carly Waddell. (Bachelor in Paradise) Jennifer Del Rio. (16 and Pregnant) Nick Pendergrast girlfriend. (Married At Fist Sight) Spring: Adam Levine wife. (The Voice) […]

Kendra Duggar’s Actions Bring About Public Backlash

One wonders if newlywed, Kendra Caldwell, realized what she was signing up for when she married her husband, Joseph Duggar. The Duggar family from “19 Kids and Counting” and “Counting On” have been on the receiving end of public outrage on more than one occasion for various reasons, some far more severe than others. This […]

Another Duggar is Pregnant! Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo are Expecting Their First Child!

Jinger Vuolo, formerly Duggar, and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, started off the new year with some big news! The couple revealed to US Weekly that the 24-year-old “Counting On” star is pregnant with the couple’s first child. “The past 14 months have been the best of our lives as we have had the wonderful privilege […]