TLC: “The Healer”

Australian Charlie Goldsmith, is an energy healer and performs his skills on people with chronic pain, severe pain injuries, inflammation, autoimmune conditions, and allergies. Mr. Goldsmith is working with scientists and doctors to give him more credibility in his work and successes. NYU researchers, so far are on his side saying that “something real” and […]

Joy Anna Duggar Baby Gender Shotgun Wedding Rumors

What Shotgun? The ridiculous lengths people go to in efforts to discredit the Duggars have “gone ballistic.” No shotgun was employed to get Austin Forsyth to marry his beloved JoyAnna Duggar. No, she was not pregnant when she walked down the aisle on her proud father’s arm. Yes, she likely got pregnant right away. When […]

**Spoiler Alert** Here’s The Scoop on 90 Day Fiance~ Molly and Luis

First, before you read this article, there’s a spoiler alert at the end! Georgian Lingerie entrepreneur Molly Hopkins and younger daughter Kensley’s father split up around October 2014. Molly assumed full custody of Kensley and kept the house too. Kensley’s dad helped Molly financially but last year the financial help wasn’t so often as it […]

Jinger Dugger Falls Victim To Abuse At The Hands Of Her Husband Jeremy?!

Two things seem to go hand-in-hand with regard to the Duggar women and that is speculation and innuendo. A recent photo posted by Jeremy Vuolo of himself and his wife Jinger has fans concerned for her safety. The two are seated on an airplane nodding off as most travelers do…and this seemed to upset followers […]

“90 Day Fiance”: The Love Story of Evelyn and David

Evelyn and David met online, she’s 18 and David is 27. David is from Spain and Evelyn is from Claremont, New Hampshire. They fell in love and had a long distance relationship. David flew from Spain to marry Evelyn, to keep themselves from temptation David is living at Evelyn’s Pastors house in a tiny apartment. […]


Everyone has family members that pass on recipes from generation to generation and the Duggar’s are no different than anyone. Michelle was born in Ohio…the Buckeye State and has the yummiest recipe her family has shared with her over the years. They’re super easy to make and taste incredible. The cookies are called Duggar Peanut […]

Cortney and Antonio“90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days”

It’s being said that there will be “shocking admissions” and updates on “all of the couples.” Hostess Shaun Robinson says that “nothing is off limits” which means that this reunion show will be very intense and perhaps even a few going off the deep end when it comes to their relationships. Darcey and JesseLarry and […]

DRUNK AND DISORDERLY! Jeremy Vuolo Taken Into Police Custody And Arrested!

Surely this must be a mistake you’d never think anyone from the Duggar family or their spouses would ever be arrested for anything such as this. However that’s exactly what happened according to a police report filed with the Oneonta Headquarters which says, “An intoxicated male who appeared to be the friend of a male […]

Derick Dillard Creates A Stir During Washington, DC Trip!

Many members of the Duggar have kept their political beliefs personal. However, Derick Dillard, Jill’s husband, has been quite open about his vote in the recent election. Quite recently, Derick posted some photos of his trip to D.C with his church, then bought something from the gift shop to symbolize his support for Trump. Some […]

Did Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth Exchange Their Vows Earlier Than They Are Letting On?

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth have already exchanged their wedding vows however, TLC is preparing to air their 2-hour wedding special. Just recently, some sources have already released previews of the special but fans are counting down the days until the full episode premieres. The preview shows the couple moments before guests arrive in the […]