“This is Us”: Where will Kevin Pearson be in Ten Years? Josh Hartley Shares His Thoughts

As “This is Us” goes on winter break, US Weekly caught up with a Josh Hartley on his thoughts regarding his character, Kevin Pearson. Fans of the hit NBC series have been suffering right along with the Pearson family as they have given us a trip down memory lane this season. “This is Us” heartthrob […]

“This Is Us”: Christy Metz Talks Kate Pearson

Christy Metz of This Is Us is talking openly about her very emotional episode that aired last week. Metz plays Kate Pearson.  “Us” viewers have come to realize that Kate has a lot of issues going on. Kate has struggled with her weight, her relationships with her family, and finding love. She finally found love […]

“This Is Us”…Is Must See TV For Families!

“This Is Us” is NBC’s new hit drama airing Tuesday evenings at 9:00 P.M. Eastern time. If you have not seen this show, then you should. Every family needs to watch this show. This show portrays the trials and tribulations of the Pearson family. They talk about issues that go on in most families. Adoption, race, […]

Sad Theory about “This Is Us” Jack’s Death– and How Kevin is Responsible!

WARNING –> Spoilers Ahead! The last 2 episodes of hit NBC drama This Is Us have been very revealing for Kevin Pearson. First of all, he probably has a painkiller addiction that started well before his knee surgery from last week. Kate may have hinted to this when she made a comment that he’s “just […]

“This is Us” Season 2 Premieres Tomorrow and Will Be “Very Heavy”!

Fans of the hit show “This is Us” have been anxiously awaiting Season 2’s premiere on Tuesday September 26th. The show’s creator, Dan Fogelman, described the premiere as “very heavy.” I think most viewers would agree that “very heavy” describes the entire first season, however it seems like it may not even compare to the […]

You Will Never Guess Who’s Joining the Cast of “This is Us” Season 2!!

NBC’s popular show “This is Us” just revealed a surprise addition to their cast! Season 2 will welcome a very well known actor…Sylvester Stallone! Let me refresh your memory a bit on the end of last season. In the Season 1 finale, Kevin had just rekindled his relationship with his ex-wife in New York. Remember […]

2017 TV Scoop Awards: First and Second Place Winners

The results are in!!! Here is the full list of winners from 2017 TV Scoop Awards. Best Drama- First Place: Sense8. Second Place: The 100. Best Comedy- First Place: The Big Bang Theory. Second Place: Modern Family. Best Couple- First Place: ‘Arrow’ Oliver and Felicity. Second Place: ‘Sense8’ Kala and Wolfgang. Best Fight- First Place: […]