#TGIT Biggest Twists: “Scandal”, “How To Get Away With Murder”, and “Grey’s Anatomy”

Who else is excited for your favorite Fall shows to come back?! #TGIT on ABC with “Grey’s Anatomy”, “How To Get Away With Murder”, and “Scandal”. Just to get you amped up for the season to start, here are some of their biggest twists throughout the seasons. “How To Get Away With Murder”—2-hour premiere September […]

Will Michael Myers Appear in “American Horror Story: Cult”?!

Did this just really happen?! Was that a Michael Myers cameo? Real quick for some of our younger readers: Michael Myers is the masked murderer in the “Halloween” anthology of horror movies. (Quick trivia knowledge–the mask Michael Myers wears was based on William Shatner/Captain Kirk’s [“Star Trek”] face). I digress, back to “American Horror Story”. […]

Machine Gun Kelly Performed “Numb” at Lollapalooza Honoring Chester Bennington!

Last month, Linkin Park lost their lead singer Chester Bennington to suicide. The world was shocked, the music industry suffered a huge loss, and many people were left horribly saddened by the tragedy. The band had just recently released a new album in May and were set to begin their now cancelled “One More Light” […]

World Tennis Champ, Serena Williams, Celebrates Her Pregnancy With Star Studded 50’s Themed Baby Shower Party!

World renowned tennis champ, Serena Williams is pregnant and her babies due date is just around the corner! At the age of 35, this awesome wonder of a tennis celeb decided to spread her joy by having herself one very cute “baby-shower” with a them from the 50’s era. And what a party it was […]

5 Unforgettable Moments: Game of Thrones “The Spoils of War”

Episode Rating: 5 out of 5 Ravens Ravens continue to pour in! After a year of off season banter, season 7 episode 4 displays the medley of actions we have long since awaited. Here are the top 5 unforgettable moments from Sunday’s episode of ‘Game of Thrones.’ 1. The Walls Have Eyes… …and they remember […]

You Will Never Guess Who’s Joining the Cast of “This is Us” Season 2!!

NBC’s popular show “This is Us” just revealed a surprise addition to their cast! Season 2 will welcome a very well known actor…Sylvester Stallone! Let me refresh your memory a bit on the end of last season. In the Season 1 finale, Kevin had just rekindled his relationship with his ex-wife in New York. Remember […]

Season 7 “American Horror Story” Update

I feel like a kid on Christmas!!! Ryan Murphy revealed the title of Season 7 “American Horror Story” during Comic-Con–“Cult”, with a premiere date of September 5. Ryan Murphy has given yet another clue on his Instagram the other day. If you’ve been following my other posts about “American Horror Story”. “American Horror Story” Season […]