“Little Women: LA” Matt and Briana’s Open Marriage!

Viewers of “Little Women: LA” are well aware of Matt Ericson’s abhorrent behavior on the show. Having said that, viewers are probably more bothered by Briana Renee’s reaction (or lack thereof) to Matt’s actions. I’ve always wondered by does Briana put with his sh*t? At first I, like many, attributed it to Briana having low […]

“Little Women LA” Season Finale Episode: Bratt Locked Out of Yet Another Event With the Girls

  On the finale episode of LWLA Jasmine and Terra are playing tennis and discussing Terra’s explosive behaviors with Christy, and Elena during the season. Terra has been unforgiving to Christy for the bar fight that caused Terra to toss a glass and hit Christy in the head, resulting in dropped charges on Terra. Also, […]

Winter Storm Coming: “Little Women: LA” Matt and Briana Getting Divorced?!

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any hotter in frigid Alaska, “Little Women: LA” decided to step it up a notch. These women may be small in stature but they are big on drama, especially Briana. Briana is the shortest out of all the women in LA and she makes up for it with […]

“Little Women LA”: The “F” Word!

  Move over f*ck, there’s a new “F” word in town—FIERCE. Fierce is an adjective with Latin roots: having or displaying a violent or ferocious aggressiveness, showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity. Who knew this one syllable word would be such a bone of contention.   On a new night for Little Women: L.A., Wednesday, […]

“Little Women: LA” Christy McGinity Gibel Suffers a Stroke

Christy McGinity Gibel suffered a stroke during neck surgery on November 29, 2016. At present, Christy is working with several therapists to get her back to a healthy state so that she can get on with life. Christy stated that “I am not the same, and may never be,” and “Every day is an uphill […]