AHS: Evolution Of Ally

Recently, Sarah Paulson, who portrays Ally Mayfair-Richards on the Show American Horror Story, sat down & did an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Paulson talked about the evolution of her character this season on American Horror Story. Ally Mayfair-Richards is a lesbian woman who is married to a woman named Ivy & they have a […]

“AHS: Cult” Inspired Tweets

  “American Horror Story: Cult” premiered on Tuesday, September 5. While watching, some fans took to their Twitter to find humor even in scary circumstances. 1. Poking fun at “AHS”‘s portrayal of the 2016 Presidential election. 2. Seeing “AHS” alums, Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters, portraying their new characters. 3. Sarah Paulson’s characters doing what […]

Critics Thoughts on “American Horror Story: Cult”

As you know from my previous articles on the new season of “American Horror Story”, it will focus on the aftermath of the 2016 Presidential election. The first 3 episodes of “AHS: Cult” were given to critics to be critiqued before the September 5 premiere. On a side note, can you believe it?! That’s tomorrow. […]

Will Michael Myers Appear in “American Horror Story: Cult”?!

Did this just really happen?! Was that a Michael Myers cameo? Real quick for some of our younger readers: Michael Myers is the masked murderer in the “Halloween” anthology of horror movies. (Quick trivia knowledge–the mask Michael Myers wears was based on William Shatner/Captain Kirk’s [“Star Trek”] face). I digress, back to “American Horror Story”. […]

Season 7 “American Horror Story” Update

I feel like a kid on Christmas!!! Ryan Murphy revealed the title of Season 7 “American Horror Story” during Comic-Con–“Cult”, with a premiere date of September 5. Ryan Murphy has given yet another clue on his Instagram the other day. If you’ve been following my other posts about “American Horror Story”. “American Horror Story” Season […]

“American Horror Story”: Lena Dunham Joins Cast

Much to fans’ dismay, mastermind of “American Horror Story” Ryan Murphy, announced Lena Dunham will be joining the case of Season 7. What was Ryan Murphy thinking, you ask? I do not know. This is what he said on Twitter when he announced the news, “Thrilled that my talented friend Lena Dunham is joining the […]

“American Horror Story” Season 7 Tease: The Monsters

Mastermind of “American Horror Story”, Ryan Murphy is known to give clues and hints about the upcoming season through his social media. He does not disappoint in regards to the hints he has put out on Instagram so far for Season 7. Recently, Ryan has shared a picture of a woman wearing a mask with […]

Sarah Paulson Leaving “American Horror Story”?!

  Was “Roanoke” the last season fans would see Sarah Paulson in “American Horror Story”? With season 7 of “AHS” coming this fall, will Sarah Paulson be returning? “AHS” fans are still mourning the departure of Jessica Lange from the show; do we have to brace ourselves again with Sarah Paulson? It seems we can […]

June to September TV Premieres

  Hey TV lovers are you missing your favorite summer shows and TV favorite movies? Well here is a list of what’s going to be on TV. Anything from Nashville on CMT to Broad City on Comedy Central.   June 1st: Nashville on CMT at 9pm.   June 5th: Shadowhunters on Freefrom at 8pm. Stitchers […]