Get Real LOL Interviews #BBCAN5 William Laprise Desbiens and Jackie McCurrach …Jackie Talks How Ika Mistreated Her!

Jackie McCurach Jury Member Hometown Port Coquitlam, BC Occupation Professional Pizza Maker Season Big Brother Canada 5 Place 8th Votes Against 4 Alliances Leftovers Loyalties Neda Kalantar Cassandra Shahinfar Dallas Cormier William Laprise Desbiens HOH Wins 0 Times Nominated 4 (Week 3, Day 34, Weeks 6 & 8) Nominations Received 2 (Week 4) Veto Wins […]

Get Real LOL Interviews #BBCAN5 Jackie McCurrach and William Laprise Desbiens…Jackie Talks How Ika Mistreated Her!

  Jackie McCurrach Fun, outgoing, and silly, this fiery redhead is a guys’ girl who plans to focus on mental strength, and keeping her head in the game. Jury Member AGE: 22 HOMETOWN: PORT COQUITLAM, BC OCCUPATION: PROFESSIONAL PIZZA MAKER HOH WINS:0 POV WINS:1 NOMINATIONS:4 Describe yourself in three words: Fun, outgoing, silly   Do […]

Get Real LOL Interviews #BBCAN5 Runner-Up Karen Singbeil‏

Karen Singbeil Runner-Up Hometown                Victoria, BC Occupation                 Real Estate Broker Season                         Big Brother Canada 5 Place                            2nd Votes Against             1 Votes To Win             0 HOH Wins                 1 (Week 1) Times Nominated    3 (Weeks 7, 10 & Day 69) Veto Wins                  0 […]

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Saturday, May 13th

  For spoilers on Comps, Alliances and House Stats visit us at For Friday, May 12th go to   12:00 AM BBT Feeds Down 6:00 AM BBT Feeds just recently returned…Kevin won VETO!  He thinks he needs to evict Ika. If this year is any thing like last year and IF Kevin holds […]