Ashton Kutcher Loves Rachel the “Bachelorette”, What Does Mila Say?

Ashton is fan-girling over Rachel and said so on the Tonight show, he and wife Mila was on an early episode of the ‘Bachelorette’, they wanted to be on the show because they are mega fans! He spoke to Jimmy Fallon more about the ‘Bachelorette’ than he did his upcoming Netflix sitcom”The Ranch”.  Ashton stated, […]

“The Bachelorette”: Rachel Lindsay…A Moment of Frustration and Tears!

Well, it’s been awhile since we’ve seen the Bachelorette, Thanks to the Golden State Warriors NBA title-clinching win!! It’s all good!! We saw the guys and Rachel travel to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, and of course, there was drama. We have to give the award to the one who is definitely a trouble […]

Chris Soules Gets a Break! His ‘Tox’ Results Come Back Clean!

With his July 19th trial date, fast approaching, Chris Soules can rest assured on one thing, he won’t be facing any charges related to drinking or drugs. His toxicology report is clean. Since that fateful April 24th accident, stories and speculation have been rampant that Soules fled the scene of the accident that took the […]

“Bachelor in Paradise” Porn or Romance…Production Happy It’s Over?!

BIP is in suspension and will not resume production. The production crew is happy that it’s done, they called it a raunchy reality show. In the past, while filming there has been sexual incidents – women touching men’s private parts, men pulling out their privates and sex happened in front of people The crew is […]

‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Finding Love? Or a Hookup?!

Well, Demario Jackson is speaking out after Corrine Olympios took to the media. Corrine states she doesn’t remember what happened that night but knows something bad happened. She is claiming she is a victim and has hired a very high-powered attorney Marty Singer to potentially file a lawsuit. So who is the lawsuit against? the […]

“Bachelor in Paradise” Misconduct or Sexual Assault?!

Chris Harrison is speaking out about the halting of production of BIP. According to the news that broke on Sunday about production being suspended, Chris states that there is a lot of misinformation out there. Unfortunately, until the incident is fully resolved he can’t give us a lot of information, just that there was “misconduct” […]

UPDATE: Is This The End For “Bachelor in Paradise”?

More information seems to be spilling out on what exactly stopped production on “BIP”. What we do know for certain is production is stopped, and the cast has been sent home. Trouble seems to have started when a producer allegedly witnessed a drunken sexual encounter between Corinne Olympios and Demario Jackson. The producer felt Corinne […]

Bachelor in Paradise the Filming Has Stopped!

“Bachelor in Paradise” Filming Stopped! Season 4 production has been stopped over allegations of misconduct. The first new episode was supposed to air August 8. ABC & Warner Brothers are conducting a thorough investigation into the allegations. The initial cast along with Chris Harrison arrived in Mexico last week and had only begun filming. Although […]

“BIP”: Cast Announced…Get Your Suntan Lotion Ready!

Season 4 is just around the corner, “BIP” will air August 8th on ABC. This show takes the best and the worst of the bachelor and bachelorette franchises and mixes all that dysfunction in with sun, sand, and loads of alcohol, served up by everyone’s favorite bartender and sometimes counselor Jorge. All this leads to […]