BUSTED! Erika Girardi’s Sappy Trip Down Memory Lane a Web of Lies!

I knew there was more to this chick than meets the eye. She’s a con artist, a liar, an awful mother and now she’s busted in her tangled web. Did Erika Girardi’s recent trip down memory lane make those who eww and aww after her and say she is the ultimate diva believe those of us who know her for the snake that she is, think we weren’t paying attention? Wrong.

Here’s how she messed up. Records indicate her grandparents only bought that home she says she, “grew up in with fond memories” and shared, “so many birthdays and Christmases in” never happened. The Atlanta, Georgia home was moved into and purchased when she was approximately 17 years old. She moved out of it by 18, went to New York, hooked her first husband, got married, pregnant and then began dreaming of the finer things in life. Possessions that didn’t include her three-year-old son. Erika droned on while sitting in a graveyard of all places about how tough her mother was on her all her life and how she would never be weak like she was. Nice daughter.

 BUSTED! Erika Girardi’s Sappy Trip Down Memory Lane a Web of Lies!

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Erika said she was always performing and must have fallen down at least a hundred times at her grandparent’s place. Liar. They never even owned the home you allege you were brought up in. So, let’s retract some of your webbing and say maybe you fell once while you were 17 at that home and spent one birthday there and maybe if the timing is right a Thanksgiving or Christmas. I don’t buy one thing this woman is selling. Those who defend her and say we don’t know her circumstances when she packed up her things and left her son to be raised without a mother are right. We don’t know a thing. Because she’s lying to all of us. Check the records. I did.

Written by Kassandra Dunn

“Thoughts Aren’t Reality” Kassandra






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