BUSTED! “DWTS” & ‘RHOBH’ Erika Girardi Caught in A Lie and Called Out on It!

For the past four months, we’ve all tuned in every Tuesday night to watch the controversial, blonde bombshell, Erika Girardi spar jabs and exchange comebacks with her co-stars on the ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.’ However, Monday nights have gotten our attention too for the past few weeks as Erika Jayne seems to channel her sexiness and “raunchiness” while being a lead foot on the dance floor. Judge Len Goodman spared no expense as his brutal honesty about how she uses her sexiness to try to impress the others, wasn’t the best way to approach her dancing technique. Groans aside, she stood there week after week, cold, rarely showing any emotion except when she got praise for her routine. That all ended this past week when Tom Bergeron called her out on a lie.


BUSTED! “DWTS” & ‘RHOBH’ Erika Girardi Caught in A Lie and Called Out on It!

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Even though her dance to “Unforgettable” on Monday’s Disney Night Theme earned her high scores, she and partner Gleb Savchenko were sent packing. Seconds after her name was called she pointed her finger at Gleb and said, “I told you.” Bergeron said while the cameras were rolling, “I saw you saying to Gleb, ‘I told you.’ Did you sense this was coming tonight?” The granite princess lied, “Tom, I didn’t say that.” Tom wasn’t having any of that and replied, “I think I saw you. I’m a good lip reader!” While Erika said, the experience was incredible and she enjoyed herself, she basically pouted her way off the dance floor and avoided all the traditional and pre-arranged press interviews. Class act that one. She can dish it out however, clearly cannot take it. Buh bye.


Written by Riley Mathews

“Normal is Boring” ~Riley


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