BUSTED! Carole Radziwill Catches Yolanda Hadid Stealing Boyfriend Adam’s Photo On Instagram!

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Come on who does that? Takes a photo of a beautiful flower blooming and posts it on social media and makes claims that you’ve actually taken the shot? Be real will you? Carole Radziwill was having none of that when she saw Yolanda Hadid share with millions of her followers how much she was enjoying NYC life. Her recent Instagram photo of a gorgeous bloom was actually stolen from Carole’s boy toy Adam Kentworthy who shared the photo previously and actually took it.

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Yolanda got thousands of likes and lots of comments after she said, ❤️ I am loving the beauty of NY springtime…..#New York #Spring #NewLife. Hey Yolanda maybe you should stop blasting about your so called new life and give credit where credit is due. Carole posted on Hadid’s account, “What up Yo? Adam Kentworthy took that photo. You should at least give him credit.” How ridiculous that Yolanda has to try to fool people which her beautiful life persona while stealing other people’s photos.

Written by Riley Mathews

“Normal is Boring” ~Riley



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Picture 1 courtesy of JNixon.Com

Picture 2 courtesy of YHI.Com

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