Brielle Biermann–When Fillers and Botox Go Bad!

Brielle Biermann--When Fillers and Botox Go Bad!

Anyone who has ever seen a picture of Kim Zolciak-Biermann knows she is no stranger to plastic surgery, botox, and fillers. Apparently, Kim has passed this pastime down to her oldest daughter, Brielle. Kim recently posted a photo of Brielle where it is quite obvious the poor girl has overdone it on the lip fillers.

Brielle Biermann--When Fillers and Botox Go Bad!

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To add insult to injury, Kim posted to her Instagram 3 side by side pictures of Brielle through the years. Kim captioned the picture by saying, “What can you say when you realize she was born this way!! @briellebiermann other than her lips”. Brielle was such a pretty girl and still is behind everything she has done to her face. It’s sad to see mother and daughter appear to live for social media likes and comments; both seem to base their self-worth and beauty off of this.

Brielle Biermann--When Fillers and Botox Go Bad!Brielle Biermann--When Fillers and Botox Go Bad!

When viewers first met Kim, she was a strong and independent woman and mother. I think that’s what people were first drawn to and her humor. How is it that through the years Kim has forgotten where she came from and has failed to instill those values in her daughter. This post is not meant to tear Brielle down. Hopefully, as Brielle gets older and more mature, she will realize she may have gone too far with some of the procedures and will put a stop to it while embracing her real beauty that we can all see. I can only hope this happens before we see Brielle on an episode of “Botched” where Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif.

Brielle Biermann--When Fillers and Botox Go Bad!

This is my plea to not only Kim but mothers to girls everywhere. Mother’s–we HAVE to do better for our girls. We HAVE to show them and remind them that they are more than their looks. Women are more than just objects. We cannot base our worth and the worth of our daughters on something as fleeting as beauty. We have to bolster our girl’s self-esteem at home and remind them every day they are loved, intelligent, and can be anything they set their minds to. Our daughter’s need to go into the world feeling good about themselves so they do not have to rely on what people on their social media say to them. The world can be a very hard and cruel place and we need to make sure our daughters are armed to the best of their ability to face it.

Brielle Biermann--When Fillers and Botox Go Bad!


Written by Tilly Tinson

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Post Author: Tilly Tinson

1 thought on “Brielle Biermann–When Fillers and Botox Go Bad!


    (July 28, 2017 - 12:05 pm)

    I don’t remember Kim ever being independent. I remember when viewers met her, she smoked, drank while driving, appeared to care mostly for vanities and material possessions, and lived off of Big Papa’s money. She also said she would do anything to make money to take care of her kids..and she did just that. Big Papa paid for her condo, her luxury auto, her jewelry, and everything and anything she and her girls needed or wanted. That’s hardly independent.

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