Breaking News! Which #BBCAN5 Houseguest got Engaged Last Night?

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Well they haven’t been out of the house for less than 24 hours, but two of the Big Brother Canada Season 5 Houseguests have decided to tie the knot! Which two you ask?

Emily and Dillon have announced this morning they are engaged to be married!

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Emily Hawkin, the 23 year old Musician & Server from Toronto, ON, fell in love in the Big Brother house. Emily got 12th place in this season, and she went home pre-jury. She has been rooting Dillon on from home since she left and was finally reunited with him last night at the finale.

Dillon Carman, the 30 year old Professional Boxer from Madoc, ON, returned those feelings for her. Dillon got 5th place in this season of Big Brother Canada, and has been sequestered in jury for the last few weeks and hasn’t seen Emily since she was evicted. That is until last night at the finale.

Not sure how long or serious this engagement is for these two. But our reporter
cornered Dillon & asked him if the engagement was fake or real. He’s exact words were “We are not joking It is real WE LOVE EACH OTHER”😁 But we wish them all the luck in their future together!

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