BREAKING NEWS! ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Is Pregnant!

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What the heck? Wasn’t she just calling off or postponing her engagement and expected marriage to her current boyfriend Matt Baier? And now she’s pregnant? Well according to fellow ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans she is because it’s plastered all over her personal Facebook page. The headlines read, “Amber Announces Pregnancy!” The couple has certainly had their ups and downs lately however they seem to be on a good path with regard to their personal relationship. New homeowners, the couple recently moved into an upper-class area of town that Amber didn’t seem to think she, “fit in to.” Could this move be part of a bigger plan to expand their family and have a baby together? According to Jenelle, it certainly seems that way.


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Amber made a recent statement that the wedding was still on even though a special on MTV showcasing Matt’s life and baby drama didn’t put him in the best light…again. A fan wrote, “WTF? I for one think this is a horrible idea!” Still another blasted out, “People look at the positive, now she’ll finally be rid of him. He never sticks around once a kids made.” And finally a clear cut message that said, “Nooooooo!” One things for certain, time will tell if Amber really is pregnant.


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